Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home Office Now McDonald's of Upper Sandusky

Tuesday morning and no electric power at the the MSR farm. Rumors have it that we will have power by tonight. Like so many things," it is what it is," work with it. There was a time when I would get crazy and worry myself about meeting a "deadline"or that everything was of monumental importance. I began my head coaching career almost 40 years ago at 24 years old. I was a "Woody Hayes' guy." Trust me, I was a "Woody guy," and that set the stage for my coaching and teaching career. Coach Hayes was a tremendous role model. Sad, but I was only able to talk with him, I think, a half dozen times.

During my 31 years of teaching both high school and junior high English, I changed my " black - white" rules to more of the "gray" rules.  I began to realize that you do not treat every student the same. Different students have different needs. Once I realized that, teaching became less of a job and much more fun. Coaching was much the same.

Of course, raising a family takes much patience and I learned that. Maybe more pateince than I had, but we did okay. They say, behind every successful man is a great lady. How true! Now I am not a successful man, but I had a great lady. Our great lady lost a battle with cancer over eight years ago.

Too bad, but sometimes a tragedy can open your eyes and cause you to re-evaluate yourself. Just what is important in life? For some reason, a car dodging in and out of traffic does not upset me anymore. Annoy, yes, but not upset. Believe it or not, I am finally taking all of the football recruiting "brown sugar," out there as just that. That "BS" is not going to go away. From college coaches to parents to recruiting writers on the internet to recruiting services, "it is what it is."

Hopefully, this will be my last morning using McD's as my office. Tomorrow, back to the coffee and newspaper routine.My office returns to the farm. If not, I will be annoyed, but it will not ruin my day.

As the recruiting  world gets crazier and crazier, enjoy it. If you are a parent, do not believe everything that you read or are told. College coaches need to be excellent salesmen. They may tell you anything that sells their university. Good guys , for the most part, but salesmen. Internet recruiting writers need so many stories to bring readers to their site. They need to have rankings to bring readers to their site. Be annoyed at times, but never crazy.

No power as of 8:25 this morning. Promise- no more boring blogs like today's.

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Jerry Mathers said...

I've used that McDonald's as an office a couple of times during bad driving conditions on 23. Free WiFi is awesome.