Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finding Talent - Turn Over Every Stone

Every once in a while, I still let people "jerk my chain." Some mean to, some do not. This morning at McD's, before I left for Capital University, one of the McD regulars did just that. But he was innocent. He asked me where I was going in such a hurry. Told him that I was going to a football camp at Capital University. Why do you go so much? I evaluate players.

Jerry had no clue about smaller football camps. In fact Jerry may have no clue about the bigger camps. But he likes college football and, of course, the Buckeyes. Here is how I explained to him what I do and why I go so much.

The best football recruiters who I know "turn over every stone." Tim Hinton with the Buckeyes, Greg Mattison at Michigan, Mark Dantonio, when he was an assistant coach, and the recently retired Don Horton (NC State) are guys who come to mind. There are others for sure, but those come to mind. I try to " turn over every stone." Going to Capital University is an example of just that.

The attendance at Capital was not as good as they would have liked. But for me, I met a linebacker in the 2015 Class from Marion Pleasant HS. He has good strength and size, but needs tons of work on quickness and agility. The camp opened his eyes. I was able to spend 20 minutes talking with his parents. Even recommended a training facility that he should contact.

Friday, I attended Kenton High School's 7on7. Six teams. But I got another chance to watch 2014 QB Rammy Finnegan (Whetstone) and 2014 WR Charles Holland (Columbus West). Also spent alot of time watching 2014 LB Matt Barr (Kenton). Upper Sandusky has a player in the 2014 Class who I find interesting. Plays QB and LB. His QB skills really need work, but I like his size 6'2-195. Will be an OLB on the next level. When I first met Tylor Pritchard, he was as "rough as an unmade bed." I believe that the light is starting to come on. There were some other players that I took notes on, also.

This week Bluffton University is hosting 14 teams for a 7on7 tournament. More than likely I will be there. May not be alot of D-1 players there, but there will be alot of prospects who need to be evaluated. Some more 7on7's are at the end of the week.

Working on my schedule tonight, I see July is busy. Some colleges host 7on7's, and some of these same colleges host "team camps." High school teams stay for two or threee days and compete against other schools. Of course, the teams also get some bonding time. For me, I get to meet, as well as watch players and also get a chance to visit with high school coaches.

Coach Gary Moeller told me many years ago. "Tell me something that I can not see on video." I have never forgotten that comment, and, actually, I live by that today. With the way I work it, I can tell college coaches alot that is not on video. Or better yet, my comments are not always on paper or available for the public. Some internet recruiting writers talk to a college coach or high school coach about certain prospects and then do a nice job of writing a story. Very few can really evaluate.  Dave Berk and Allen Trieu are exceptions to that. From what I read they seem to do a good job evaluating, as well as writing.

Finally, a tribute to a parent whom I talked with today. This guy wants what is best for his son. Only a junior,  his son a BCS potential player. The dad understands the recruiting process. Even better, he understands the strengths and weaknesses of his son. The best -- when he talks about his son, he does not make him out to be a super star. He is also concerned almost as much about two other college potential players on his son's team. Impressive dude!!! (I know I am 63 and should not say "dude)

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BWard007 said...

Hey John, appreciate your site and blog. My son said he met you at the Capital camp on Sunday; said you were nice lol. He was one of the younger guys there, Bryce Ward. Nonetheless we thought it was a good camp. Got some good input from the coaches. :)