Sunday, July 29, 2012

Darron Lee - New Albany and a Buckeye

First heard about New Albany QB/DB Darron Lee when he was a junior high quarterback. Watched video after his freshman year and really liked his athleticism and his ability to run. For me, his prospects for being a high profile QB were of concern, because of his passing skills. But I liked his toughness and the way he compete.

After watching him at the Ohio State summer camp, much to my disappointment, he was not a natural QB. But I always thought that he would be a D-1 player. Last year in a playoff game, he "lit up" a RB. As I have told him all along"continue to play QB and work at it," but you are a defender at the college level."

Listed at 6'2-200, Darron has excellent closing speed. Excellent north/south speed. He believes that he must continue to work on his footwork and change of direction. He also believes his strength is in competitiveness and his drive to get better. If he plays hard and works hard that will bring out the best in his teammates. His team goal is to make his teammates better, win the conference, and get back to the playoffs.

Both Darron and I agree that a major change that he has made over his first three years of high school is that he is letting his performance on the field do his talking, rather than being overly vocal and not walking the talk. A sound of a good leader and he is determined to be that his senior year.

When no one is watching, Darron studies video and educates himself about the other team. This year he will be the man at QB. Still will play a little defense, but he must run the offense. Off the record, he will do well.

I really appreciate the work Darron has done to get better. Moreover, the fact Ohio State offered him as an athlete, not as a QB, and Darron agreed, is huge for me. To mentally go from wanting to be a QB, to learning a new position on the college level takes alot of soul searching and alot of looking in the mirror.

Michael Vick is the person that he would like to meet. I see alittle of that. Vick made some huge character issues and worked his way back to the top. Now Darron Lee does not have character issues to fight through. However, he will have to learn a new position at the college level and work his way back to the top.

Playing time is tough to get for any player at a program like Ohio State. Darron has his work cutout for him, but he will get it done. A leader by example on and off the field, his determination to be the best will be huge for him. Just as Darron Lee did at the Ohio State Camp in June, his effort will get him noticed and the results put him in the mix.

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