Monday, July 9, 2012

Ohio QB's Choose Mid American Programs

Read recently that Toledo St Johns QB, Brogan Roback has committed to Eastern Michigan. Also heard that Dublin Coffman QB James Walsh has committed to Ohio University. Dayton Wayne QB Javon Harrison has committed to Toledo. Tri-Valley QB Nathan Strock who could be one of the top four QB's in the Ohio 2013 Class committed to Kent State. Brecksville QB Tom Tupa verbally committed to Miami. They have committed to Mid American programs which makes alot of sense to me. Because the recruiting process is hard on quarterbacks, these young men have survived and made good decisions.

The football recruiting process is really hard on quarterbacks. For those who get some playing time as sophomores, the QB Camps and private QB coaches are knocking on the door and wearing out the computer. These people start blowing up the young QB's. Everybody has an angle and is usually money.

As a junior, more camps and more individualize instruction. One QB private tutor meets with high school QB's on Sunday afternoons to evaluate the previous Friday night. He also meets with QB's during the week to scout the up coming opponent. The Elite Eleven is just one of the QB competition camps out there. A family drove to Arizona last December to workout at a QB school. More than likely he will not get a D-1 and probably is not good enought to get one. One QB sent me his schedule for the summer. He had 14 Camps in June. Seven 7on7 days in July with the last one on July 29. High school practice starts July 30.

Some young quarterbacks quit playing another high school sport, including basketball,  just to concentrate on quarterbacking, Why? Of course, I know why. Most dads and moms listen to all of the hype about their son as a QB. The problem is that most of the hype comes from recruiting fans and internet recruiting writers. The college coach wants QB prospects to attend his camp, which makes alot of sense. But so much of the hype comes from non-decision makers who really want to "gas-up,' the parents and the player.

Two of my top QB's in the 2014 Ohio Class can go to every camp in America, but will be somewhat limited in the offensive system they can direct. Changing DeShone Kiser's throwing mechanics will be hard to do. An NFL quarterback coach told me years ago that it takes 500 hours to change the throwing mechanics of a QB. He, also said that it takes 500 hours to change a runner's running technique. Chris Durkin is big (6-4-225) and strong and has a cannon. But he will not be able a fast, quick runner in the spread.  The NFL coach went on to say that you take their strengths and make them better.

The afore mentiuoned QB's have waded through the bull-crap that goes with football recruiting and tough decisions as to where they want to further their careers. Instead of being a back-up at Purdue or Louisville or Indiana, they will have a chance lead their team. A few years ago, Miami's tandem of Zac Dysert and Austin Boucher decided to go the MAC route. Good move. The Pittsburgh Steeler QB had a good career at Miami.  Former Marion Franklin QB could have been a MAC QB, but O-State told him to come to OSU and that they would give him a chance at QB. He moved to wide receiver the second day of practice. Each to his own.

Congrats to the young men who have chosen the Mid American Conference.
     Brogan Roback (Toldeo St Johns)   - Eastern Michigan
     James Walsh (Dublin Coffman)       - Ohio University
     Javon Harrison (Dayton Wayne)      - Toledo
     Tom Tupa (Brecksville)                   - Miami
     Nathan Strock (Tri-Valley)              - Kent State

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