Monday, July 30, 2012

Malik Zaire - Kettering Alter QB

Boy is my face red. Last night as I talked with Notre Dame commit Malik Zaire, I asked him how he did at the Nike "Opening?" I was surprised when the left handed QB answered that he was not invited. As I often say, you never assume anything. Just thought that he was good enough. But you realize that Nike is all about marketing. Plus, I mean he is going to Notre Dame. I am sure not being invited will not ruin his career.

A few years ago at the Ohio State Camp, one of the OSU coaches told me to check out a soon to be sophomore quarterback from Kettering Alter. Good feet, but rough as an unmade bed. Throwing skills needed finetuned. Not surprised - every year Alter  has one of the better running games in the state. Watched him in a scrimmage that year and he alternated at QB. Running was no problem, but very limited in number of pass attempts.

Last year as a junior he threw the ball much better. Like his ability to throw on the run. Liked his ability to find the open receiver. Liked his touch on the deep ball. Most of all, I liked the way he managed the game and led his team. Really liked his QB presence. At times, he needed to spin-it more and just add rpm's. Again not a lot of passes attempted.

Over the past year, Malik has really worked on his QB skills. Understands the game. Can make all of the passes. Excellent vision as a runner. Stretching to get to 6'2, but weighs a solid 200. Can find the open lane. Only saw him once this summer, but liked his improved QB skills.

Malik believes that one of his strengths is that he makes players around him better. I agree, plus he just has the "it" as a QB. He feels that he needs to "stay consistent," and make good decisions. Those are the wishes of almost every QB. Another wish is to be playing in the NFL ten years from now.

Off the field he spends some of his free time, meditating and giving thought to the challenges that he faces in all areas of his life. Malik also spends part of his free time doing community service type events. For example, he has been involved with Habitat for Humanity. And, of course, "hangin" with friends is always important.

Michael Vick is a person that Malik would like to meet. "Anyone who has faced the problems that he has and then worked hard to get back to the NFL deserves alot of credit. His comeback is amazing. Vick's QB skills and natural talent are really good."

Because Alter has a good junior OL guy with alot of potential whom I need to evaluate, I will see the left handed QB one more time. I just hope he lets that trail leg come through naturally. One of the two top QB's in the Ohio Class of 2013, but not a finished product, which is good for both Notre Dame and Malik Zaire.

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