Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Taco Charlton - Pickerington Central

Defensive linemen are really hard to find. Plain and simple, they are hard to find. Get off blocks, stay off the ground, pursue, change direction, use the hands, and play pad under pad. These are just some of the abilities, I look for in a defensive lineman.

Taco Charlton - Pickerington Central -

 Sometimes I see qualities in players that make them special to me, and not everybody sees what I see.. Taco Charlton could be one of those guys. First saw him as a freshman wide receiver in a junior varsity scrimmage. As a sophomore DE, he played some, but I thought that he was over-rated. Actually he alternated and was at best just a "guy." Last year, his overall play from the first game until the D-1 State Championship game was vastly improved. Although he did not make many plays against St Ignatnius, I really liked his effort and his focus. Athleticism was evident.

Taco realizes this year,  due the youngness at Pick Central, he will have to be a leader. Plans are to play him at DE and some OLB, and there is a possibility he could line up at TE occasionally. Listed at 6'6-253, I hope that he moves inside at the next level. Like his punch and his ability to get up field. Needs to be better at changing direction. Really athletic. Aggressiveness on the basketball court last winter, hopefully, will carry over to this fall.

A starter on both the football and basketball teams, Taco keeps busy playing two sports. In his free time, he listens to Rap and plays video games.

The Nike "Opening" was really good for Taco. Performed well. Enjoyed meeting other players from throughout the country. Impressed with the coaches there and picked up technique ideas involving the use of his hands. He thought the "Opening," brought the best out of him.

Taco plans to enroll next January at the University of Michigan. Michigan defensive coaches see him as a weakside DE. Undecided on a major as of now. Academics in good shape. Although he will be a Wolverine next year,  Colerain High School is on his mind now.

Pickerington Central will again participate the Skyline Crosstown Showdown. Colerain High School will be a huge test for the young Pick Central team.  Taco Charlton will be leading his team against one of the best programs in Ohio.  

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