Sunday, August 23, 2009

Toledo City League

Last Friday I spent the day at the "Shoe Bowl" in Toledo and came away really impressed with the growth of city league football. You see, having watched city league football throughout Ohio, I have grown really pr0ud of the work that programs have done.

Toledo, of course, considers the catholic schools as part of the city league. I am talking about the true "city league" teams. Woodward listed 32 players and many played both ways. They played hard and clean. Really liked Brandon Wyatt, a junior OL/DL. Listed at 6'3-285. He ran out of gas at times playing both ways, but he played fast at times. Scott is facing a building year. Many underclassmen. Although he needs to get bigger, I liked Montrice Crosby, a 2012 class, DB. Played CB and FS and will strike you. Good in open field. Bowsher football is on he upswing. Senior Antoine Russel caught my eye. Wide receiver with burst and ability to catch the ball over the middle. Also lined up at OLB. Really believe he can play at the next level. Need to get some hype to the colleges about him. Start's program is very solid. Good athletes who play hard and well coached.

Improved city programs: Really impressed with effort of Black coaches. Worked hard, coached hard, and treated the kids well. Really good role models. Teams were organized and well coached. Although some teams were low in numbers, kids played hard. Discipline was excellent. Really enjoyed watching the sideline enthusiasm.

See, I used to think that "inner city" football in Toledo left alot to be desired. My feelings have changed. Of course, I missed my old friend Rick Rios, head coach at Rogers. Rogers football will always represent the "city league" well.

Nice job Toledo city football coaches.

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