Thursday, August 6, 2009

Defensive ends - 2010 class or whatever

Need to finish my top 2010 guys. A defensive end for me, sometimes turns into a "whatever." That is although he played defensive in high school, I do not always project a player as a DE on the next level.

Jibreel Black - (Wyoming) Really good quickness. Very athletic. Uses hands to disengage, but may outgrow the DE position and move inside. Not enough burst coming off the edge. Tough, but like him as a DT.

Marcus Rush - (Moeller) Special to me. Excellent burst off the edge. Good speed, but plays faster. Finishes tackles. Almost caught between DE and OLB. If he can play on air, will be an excellent OLB prospect. A defensive stopper for sure.

Jayrone Elliot - (Glenville) - Big, strong and long. True DE and plays with big motor. Needs to improve changing direction, but solid now. Just like his toughness and that he play full speed every play. Can take over a high school game.

Jamal Turner - (Ursuline) Track speed. Excellent quickness. Tall and long. Quickness makes him special. Needs to play every down. Needs to pursue better. Off field problems aside, could be very good. Question motor. Line him at DE and come off the corner every play. Not as high on him as some evaluators.

J T Moore - (Boardman) Could play different positions. Big frame and can get much bigger. Long arms. Excellent balance. Like his intensity, but need to improve. Do not know if he plays in space well enough to play OLB. Fluid enough to play DE?? Maybe an OL guy. But he is a football player.

Anthony Stryffeler -(Parma) Somewhat under the radar, but should not be. Strong upper body. Motor runs all the time. Good balance. Also plays offense, but better on D. Tough enough to move inside. Uses hands well. Just love his motor and the fact that he competes every play.

John Russ - (Elyria Catholic) Also plays TE and moves outside as a receiver. Like his burst. Long frame and can alot of weight. Quick off the edge. Changes direction well. Could be a TE, but like him chasing the ball. Best years are ahead.

Eric Lefeld - (Coldwater) Watched him as a sophomore at DE. Growing into body. Some like him inside on either offensive and defensive lines. Long arms. Improving change of direction. Excellent leverage. A basketball player, but football is the ticket. No mistake on an offer, because he can play both sides of ball.

Derrick Bryant - (Brookhaven) For me, needs to play lights-out this year. Tall and long. Believe he is still learning the game. Excellent burst coming off the edge. Needs to play harder. Motor needs to run every play. Very athletic. Desire to be good, but just needs to find it.

Michael Robinson - (Cleveland John Adams) - Excellent speed and quickness. Solid off the edge. Needs to be coach-up somewhat. Raw talent. Puts up good stats, but need to see the level of competion game in game out. May have to move inside, but would have to get bigger.

Antonio Kinard - (Youngstown Liberty) Possibly the best prospect in the 2010 class, but needs to take over games this fall. Long and adding weight. Excellent coming off the edge. Excellent burst. Like him as well at OLB. Was dinged-up last year. Just need to see more of him, but potential on next level is high.

Solid prospects at the DE position in the Class of 2010. In all honesty, the two best DE prospects in Ohio are in the 2011 class. Love Stevie Miller (Canton McKinley) and Kenny Hayes (Toledo Whitmer.)

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