Friday, August 21, 2009

Toledo Area Scrimmages Today

Looking forward to today's scrimmages in Toledo. I believe it is called the "Shoe Bowl," and sponsored by the "newsboys" in Toledo. Seven schools are involved. The event begins at 4:00. Teams involved:

Northview vs Bowsher
Woodward, Scott, and Northwood
St. Johns vs Start

The nice thing about attending this event is that you can evaluate talent that most of the recruiting experts have no clue about. Everybody knows about players at Ignatius, Elder, or Steubenville, but few take the time to get information on some of the lesser known schools, especially inter-city programs. Of course, St Johns is not a lesser known.

Nice linebacker at Northwood. A player at Start. St Johns is always going to have some college prospects. Some of the city schools might have a "diamond in the rough." Also find myself scouting J-V and freshmen games. This is a nice opportunity to do that.

Also, am going to catch some of the Whitmer- Perrysburg scrimmage. Both DE's at Whitmer are the real deals. Big time - 1A ratings. Kenny Hayes(DE-Whitmer), along with Stevie Miller(McKinley) are two of the very best in Ohio and are jus in the 2011 class.

If the times work out, may take in a Michigan practice. Always fun to go to a college practice to see the Ohio boys who I have evaluated and have gotten to know. Ohio State next week.

Hope that you can catch a scrimmage, or as the state now calls it, a jamboree. Just another way for the OHSAA to make money. Another story-another time.

See you in Dayton and Cincinnati next week.

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