Saturday, August 8, 2009

2010 Class Linebackers a Plenty

With the exception of Jordan Hicks, the linebacker 2010 class is good, but not outstanding. Some very solid backers in this class, but will have continue to improve to be outstanding at the next.

Jordan Hicks - (Lakota West) All of the natural instints of an outside linebacker. Runs well. Closes well and finishes plays. Good in coverage drops. Plays on air. Plays faster than speed. Character makes him special.

Scott McVey - (St Ignatius) Tough, strong and runs through defenders. Also an OLB guy. Excellent closing speed. Execellent in pass coverage. Plays sideline to sideline. Too short(6'0) by most standards, but unbelievable competitor.

Chi-Chi Ariguzo - (Columbus DeSales) Under-rated. Tall 6'2 and getting bigger and stronger. Closes well. Nasty attitude. Possible SS, but like him as an OLB. Still learning the game. Can add weight. Intelligent in classroom and on field.

Willie Tatum - (Pickerington Central) Not sure best fit. Possible DE. Tremendous off the edge. Fast. Quick. Need to see him in coverage. Good open field tackler. Plays really fast. Excellent leverage on tackles. Simply - plays fast.

Josh Harrison - (Wayne) Really good offseason has helped potential. Bigger and stronger. Good balance. Understands game. Plays fast. Tough in open field.

Ray Bush - (Toledo Rogers) Future is ahead. 6'2-210 and runs well. Strong and still growing. Needs more technique, but works hard. Possible inside run stopper(if he keeps growing). Excellent tackler. Really like potential at next level.

Cameron Ontoko - (Walsh Jesuit) Fast. Changes direction well. Very strong. Needs to work on flexiblity. Plays low. Also a RB, but needs to focus on OLB. May grow into a Mike backer. Improve pass drops. Great attitude and will be good.

Cody Byers - (Kettering Alter) Continues to get faster. Toughness is biggest asset. Like the way he finishes. Possible SS, but needs to improve speed. Good balance. Stays on feet. Utapped potential.

Jewone Snow - (Canton McKinley) Needs to continue to redistribute weight and get stronger. A mike backer. Runs well tackle to tackle. Good leverage. Very competitive. For me, finally reaching potential. Needs to dominate senior year.

Cody Riffle - (Toledo St Johns) Under rated. Speed and toughness make him special. Short on heighth, but strong and quick. Can play either inside or out. Leader. Also closes well on ball. Motor always running full speed.

Preston Brown - (Cincinnati Northwest) Big LB/FB type guy. Strong. Runs down hill. Needs to improve closing speed and finishing. Big body, but needs to improve instincts and athleticism. For me, needs to dominate early.

Zac Rosenbauer - (Lima Shawnee) Serious injury caused him to miss last season. Strong and tough. Obviously, needs to play well, but not necessarily early. A test taker and must translate that to field. Closes well. Runs through defenders. Could be a dominating force.

Dereck Roback - (Waverly) Labeled an athlete. Like him as potential OLB. Strong. Smart. Runs to the ball. Excellent in pass coverage. Frame to add weight. Long. Good in open field. Can also play an inside DB. Very athletic.

Soloman Tentman -(Roger Bacon) Runs really well off the edge. Can drop into coverage. Big frame. Needs to be a better bender. Play more under control. Motor runs all of the time.

Marcus Johnston - (Coshocton) - Also a RB, but may be a better defender. Possible SS. Smart. Understands the game. Fast, but my need more flexibility. Needs to play lights out in early games. Like him at RB, but maybe a better defender.

Nick Galvin - (Moeller) - Tough down hill runner. Aggressive and tough. Needs to get off blocks. Like his motor and energy. Shortness and athleticism(needs improved) may hurt his chances to get to a top levl program.

Anthony Hitchens - Lorain Clearview) Like him, but needs to find a true position. Solid speed. Good strength. Needs more agility. North/South runner. Good frame just needs to take over as a LB'er.

Trust me, I have omitted some for various reasons. May add to my next blog.

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