Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Early Recruiting Video Efforts

As I watched the scrimmage between Steubenville and Uniontown Lake, there was an amazing discovery during the scimmage. A video guy from Rivals was taking video of the scrimmage. Both coaches had no clue as to who he was and obviously talked with him. He was not permitted to shoot any more of the scrimmage. He apparently arrived late and did not ask for permission to video. Everything worked out. This is the first scrimmage, after two days of contact, and Rivals feels compelled to get video on its website. The second day of actual contact- remember.

One better than that. Last week, I read where there was video up that had a 2011 Class DE doing a practice drill. The video was exciting because the prospect did one drill and was far enough away that you could hardly see the footwork. Of course, a self annointed recruitng expert was responsible. Video from a practice???? Of course, I am the Old Guard.

Coaches and recruits, you cannot stop those type of recruiting internet sites, but just be aware of what is happening. Hope you understand the early sarcasm.

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