Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ohio Class of 2010 Defensive Backs

In most of my blog's concerning the top prospects in the class of 2010, I have tried to rank the prospects. The order is somewhat how I value the recruits ability. With that being said, the defensive backs are the hardest to rank. The talent is really close.

Christian Bryant - (Glenville) Obvious track speed. Good hip rotation. Closes well. Like his ability shut down taller WRs. Excellent recovery speed. Like his smoothness. Excellent competitor. Defensive side is the better side.

Braylon Heard - (Mooney) May him overrated, but his speed is real. Covers well. Needs to be just alittle more flexible. Faster when ball is in the air. Also like his ability to recover. Plays fast.

Latwan Anderson - (Glenville) Strong, tough run stopper. Tight in the hips. Solid speed. Worry about his work ethic and coach ability. Needs to use skills and play every down.

Odis Prunty - (St Edwards) - Flat out speed makes him special. Covers well. Recovers well. Needs to work on open field tackling. Could also be a WR.

Tyson Gulley - (Akron Garfield) Noted mostly as a RB. Like him at CB. Tough competitor. Excellent quickness. Quick hip rotation. Height could hurt him. Tough, no back down attitude. Plays fast.

Arryn Chenault - (Lakota West) May switch schools. Solid speed. Closes well. Sure open field tackler. Tremendous competitor. Excellent ball skills. Plays fast, but speed may cause him to move to a SS.

Adam Morris - (Glenville) More of a run stopper. Fast. Toughness excellent. Can play a number of positions. Fast and good hip rotation.

James Hall - (Southview) Tough run stopper. Understands secondary. Solid speed. Good burst. Possible slot receiver. Like the way he closes on ball. Needs to dominate tis year. Good prospect.

Josh Kristoff - (Pickerington Central) Finishes tackles. Good burst. Needs to improve top speed. Anticipates well. Like his aggressiveness as a safety. Sideline to sideline defender.

Terrence Talbott - (Wayne) Like his CB instincts. Solid speed. Quickness to cover WR. Speed to run deep. Needs to continue to work hard. Needs to be better openfield tackler. Nice presence.

Jon Hardy - (Cleveland Heights) Great attitude. Fast. Good cover corner. Tough on run. Like his rotation. Height may be a problem. Plays hard. May need to increase speed. Tough kid.

Brandon Neal - (Lakota West) Excellent off season workouts. Tough run stopper. Strong. Could play inside or outside. Speed to cover deep. Closes well.

Seth Cunningham - (St Edwards) Speed, speed and speed. Tough. Strong upper body. Needs to improve hip flexibity. Closes well. Solid open field tackler. Anticipates well. More of a north/south speed guy.

Stacey Blunt - (Dublin Scioto) - Big strong defender. Also a wideout. Solid speed. Better athletic skills. Impressed with his body control. May be a free safety. Size and strength are his strengths.

Nathan Carpenter - (Lancaster) Tough bloodlines. Fast, but needs to be faster. Tough run stopper. Needs more flexibilty. Concern about lack of height. But competitive desire and full speed effort make up for it.

Adam Griffith - (DeSales) Special player. Too short by most standards. Plays fast. Needs to improve true speed. Smart player. Tremendous competitor. Special teams player. Excellent attitude. May be too short??? but will contribute whereever he goes.

Quinton Cooper - (Northmont) - Another short corner. Excellent speed. Quick hips. Good run stopper. Strong upper body. Tremndous field presence. Possibly too short.

Mike Dorsey - (Warren Harding) - Needs a position. Big fast runner. Good open field tackler. Tall. Play either safety position. Good closing speed. Needs to be more of a bender. Long shot as an OLB. Good overall player.

Ryan Christiansen - (Lake) Big, strong athlete with solid speed. Strong upper body. Closes well. Smart. Like him as a safety. Football intelligence. Loves contact.

Marcus Penn - (Whetstone) Raw talent with excellent speed. Still learning game. Good quickness. Also plays WR.

Nate Morris - (Warrensville Heights) Excellent athlete. Plays many positions. Fast. Strong. Hard-nosed. Needs exposure. Natural leader. Under the radar.

Kevin Johnson - (St Ignatius) Also plays RB. More of strong safety. Really good speed. Strong upper body. Needs quicker hip rotation. Needs a strong senior year.

Sam Miller - (Orrville) Intelligent on/off foobll field. Solid speed. Reads coverages. Closes well on ball. Ideal free safety. Anticipates well. Good ball skills. A sleeper???

Bobby Swigert - (Louisville) - Some like as a WR. Excellent quickness. Very athletic. Excellent ball skills. Anticipates well. Tougher when ball is in the air. Makes plays. Tough run stopper.

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