Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Marion Franklin's Mr Everything

Last night I began the serious evaluations of college potential high school football players throughout Ohio. That is, no more football camps, no more combines, and no more 7 on 7's. Scrimmages and games from now on. Watched Olentangy, Kenton, Lancaster, and Marion Franklin. Hats off to the players, because they played a long time.

Verlon Reed, senior quarterback from M-F, as college coaches know, is a favorite of mine. Fast(4.5). Still learning as a QB, but is doing well. Throws well enough. Solid arm. Could be a WR at the next level. Just as good, would be his lining up free safety. I mean he will strike you. Best of all, he is a leader on either side of the LOS. For me, he is a special talent. Senior OL guy, Aaron Shelton has made big strides from last year. 6'4 - 300+. Bends okay, but needs to keep working on feet. Would like to see him lose some weight, but he works hard.

Nathan Carpenter, senior from Lancaster, showed some quickness and toughness. Probably needs to lock in on a position, but may be a CB. Lack of height couldhurt him, but he very competitive.

Most of Kenton's prospects are underclassmen. Mark Fackler, senior ILB, fills well, and showed toughness. Needs to improve running ability. Smart football player. No one agrees with me, but he has the frame to add weight and play on the O-line at the next level.

Olentangy has some seniors who are really good high school players. They have some potential underclassmen. My experience with Olentangy seniors is that they begin the season as possible prospects and develop into good prosects.

I have not mentioned any underclassmen. Still early for most of them, but, of course, there were some good ones.

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