Thursday, August 6, 2009

Defensive line - 2010 Class

My experience has been that true defensive inside linemen are really hard to find. In fact, the first thing early college scouts ask me - "any defensive linemen in Ohio?" This year is no exception. I just cannot give you many true top DL guys.

Terry Talbott - (Wayne) Worked hard over the winter and the results have been good. Like his instincts and quickness off LOS. Good hands. Disengages well. Pursues down LOS. Game motor, but needs to keep it running. An excellent offseason program has really increased potential. Needs to dominate in first three games.

Josh Davis - (Jonathon Alder) Played both ways. A load on defense, but better suited for the OL. Strong. Needs to work on lateral movement. Locks out well as a QB protector. Strong inside run stopper. Good pass rusher. Just believe he does not move as well on the DL. Football player, however.

Roosevelt Nix - (Reynoldsburg) Maybe the most disrupting force on the DL in Ohio tis fall. Tops the height chart at 5"10. Disengages really well. Quick feet. Sideline to sideline guy. Plays FB on offense. A stretch at LB. Just too short for almost every program. Excellent kid.

Grant Pleasant - (Dublin Scioto) - Listed as a DE. Tough, hardnosed run stopper. Like his quickness off the LOS. Motor runs all of the time. Needs to add weight and slide inside. Durable. Quickness to be an inside pass rusher, as well. Needs to realize his value as an inside guy.

John Blevins - (Upper Arlington) - Once he plays just one way, motor will have more gas. Tough run stopper inside. Needs to improve ability to get off blocks. Strong upper body. Needs to keep working on quickness. Needs to improve flexibility. Work ethic is probably his biggest asset.

Harrison Scott - (New Albany) Maybe a sleeper. Potential is there. Just filling out his body. Feet are his strength. Good balance. Uses hands well. Pass rush technique is good. Smiles too much(Humor). Athleticism is strength. May need to be nastier, but that will come.

Desmond McGowan - (Springfield SW) Moves well. Started as a 10th grader. Quick feet and pass rush technique are strengths. Really needs to add weight. Alot of weight in fact. Toughness is evident.

Karson Williams - (Tecumseh) Either does not know how good he can be, or does want to take charge. Very athletic. Excellent quickness. Runs well. Needs to add weight and strength. Needs to be more "smash mouth." All of the physical skills. Scolded him on attitude. I liked him on video, but attitude is important. Consider him a sleeper.

Zach Hitchens - (Canal Winchester) Need to find a position for Zach. Strong and no nonsense attitude on pass rush. Runs well off the edge. Change of direction just okay. Relentless on pursuit. Inside run stopper. Hope he in grows into a DL guy. Maybe a stretch at DE. Maybe a LB if he can play on air. Just needs a chance to show his ability.

Defensive linemen always seem to come out of the woodwork their senior year. Hopefully, some athletes have outgrown their current postion and will move to the defensive line.

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