Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tyler Grassman - Gahanna HS

Last Thursday evening, I may have seen one of the most versatile, athletic kickers that I have evaluated in recent years. Tyler Grassman (212) from Gahanna Lincoln High School did a little of everything.

First, as the back-up QB, he broke a 50+ yard TD run against the first team defense of Coffman. After the TD, he kicked the PAT. Then he kicked off and the ball went into the endzone. From there he went to free safety with Gahanna's ones. Later, he punted the ball high and dropped it on the 7 yard line. His next punt was high and long. I was expecting him to be one of the front five on the kickoff return team.

Although he did so many things and is so athletic, his ticket is punting and kicking. He has a strong leg and listed 6'0-185. Back in the old days, colleges really liked athletic kickers who could play a position. Coaches thought those types of kickers were a little more competitive and, could also play a position in practice.

I knew about him as a kicker/punter, but did realize just how versatile he is as a complete player. There are not too many Tyler Grassman's in Ohio doing all the things he does, and I might add, doing them so well. Woody would have been excited!

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