Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marcus Davis - REC - Dublin Coffman

Thursday evening had a chance to watch WR Marcus Davis(212) from Dublin Coffman show his skills. He did nothing to lessen my respect for him. In fact, he continues to impress me.

First saw Marcus his sophomore year when he was playing for Olentangy Liberty. The game happened to be the Herbstreit. The only offense Liberty had at the time. Marcus made some really acrobatic catches. However, he had no burst, no foot speed, and no strength, but he had excellent ball skills. The other problem was his uncle, the legendary Chris Carter, was on the sidelines offering advice all of the time. Alot of pressure for a sophomore in front of a good sized crowd.

Next saw Marcus his junior year at the State 7on7 at Dublin. He had since transferred to Dublin Coffman. Same ball catching skills. Same lack of burst and speed, but getting better. Improved body strength. Did not see Marcus in game competition last year, but watched his video.

Last Thursday, Marcus was doing the same as always with regard to catching the ball. But his speed and strength have improved greatly. Caught two TD passes. On one catch he had to adjust by turning his shoulder from the outside to the inside and then caught the ball over his head. The other TD pass was a post pattern with 30 seconds to go in the half. Nothing surprises me with him!

Although I really like him as a slot receiver, I constantly remind him "faster-stronger." He has worked hard to improve in the off season. The offense struggled some the other night, but with some game experience, the young QB will be fine. Marcus will always catch the ball, and will be faster-stronger.

For some reason, colleges are not believing in him, like I think that they should. But I am used to that. After this season, Marcus Davis will be one of those guys whom the recruiting writers label "under the radar." I am used to that, too. When he is 20 years old, he will be contributing at the next level.

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