Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jalin Marshall - Middletown

In this business of evaluating players, I feel like I have to know alittle about the personality of the prospects that I evaluate. I try to chat with many of them about anything and everything. No, I do not ask them about college choices and I do not blow smoke up their nose. For me, trying to get the inside scoop on a recruit, would make me feel funny. I leave that to the recruiting writers, because they have to please the internet recruiting sites. However, verbally I do tell college coaches about a prospect's attitude.

I met QB Jalin Marshall(213) from Middletown at the high school last spring. A first class act!!! Probably spent about 10 minutes with him. This summer we talked again at a 7on7 tournament. I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago. I congratulated him on the Middies victory over Wayne. I was at the game. But I really wanted some insight to Jalin as a student.

Jalin Marshall will be one of the top five recruits in his Class of 213. Period. His desire is to be a QB on the next level. He should go for it. As I told the colleges in my evaluation- changes direction really, excellent burst, durable, stronger after first hit, and never loses speed when making a cut. No secret to him, I feel he can be a quarterback, but he is also one of the top pure athletes in his Class of 213. At 6'0-190, he would also look good at RB or as a FS. Just a thought.

I talked with him on how he handles the pressure of the playing the game. He listens to music, talks with his parents, talks with his older brother, and focuses on other things. How does he handle early big time recognition? Team comes first. I believe him. Last year they were good, but lost at the end. This year he said that that cannot happen. By the way, he must spend alittle time at the library. Carrying a 4.0 GPA and taking pre-algebra and Spanish IV. Impressive in this day and age.

As I used to tell Braxton Miller, please do not change. There are enough "TP's" out there. Young people need good leaders. Jalin, please do not change!

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Middies00 said...

You hit the nail on the head. Class Act!!!