Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marion Franklin, Olentangy, Lancaster, and Kenton Scrimmage

The football scrimmage at Olentangy was everything that I thought it would and more. Each team scrimmaged three times nad against each team present. A knock down affair. In fact, in the last scrimmage, teams were so tired that little was accomplished as far as evaluating. Each team had some very good college prospects.

LB Luke Roberts(212) played well for first time contact. Bigger, stronger, and faster than last year. Fills well. Keeps shoulders square to LOS. Finishes tackles. Stays on his feet. Good LB instincts. DE/DT Aaron Woosley(212) also has added some weight. Like his quickness off LOS. Gets off blocks. Runs well. Eventually look to see him move inside at the next level. Like his athleticism. TE Ryan Thomas(213) caught my attention. Looks at least 6'4. Solid blocker, but will get better with more weight and strength. Long. Get into pass routes well. Lancaster ran the ball most of the time and did not see him catch the ball.

Marion Franklin
QB Corey Benson(213) did a nice job at quarterback. Ability to make plays. Good burst. Has some shake. Throws good ball at times. Do not know if he is a QB at next level, but he is a football player. Really good athlete. OL Damon Dilliard(213) needs to play better. Like his potential, but needs to run better and move his feet. Actually was better at DT on this day. Dissappointed in another DT for M-F. As a junior, thought he was one of the better ones in the state last year. This year-different story. Did not play hard every play. Actually took plays off. Did not take over. Much better than he showed. Hope that he took my advice.

Josh Perry(212) is very athletic and runs well. Needs to change direction better. Played mostly DE, but did move to OLB at times. Pursued well at times. Needs to be better at finding the ball. One team ran away from the entire scrimmage. On the next level, he will need to find his postition. Probably an edge player. OL Kenton Placo(212) was solid at left tackle. Still growing and getting stronger. Good base blocker. Needs to develop a punch. Needs to be more explosive at times. Good frame.
Hard to evaluate CB Buchi Okafor(213) in this scrimmage. Did not get much his way. Better on run support than I expected. Like his hip rotation. Excellent recovery speed. Like his CB instincts. Another junior, OL Austin Schmidt(213) was solid for first contact. Frame to add weight. Must get stronger, but will. Good feet. Listed 6'5- 245. Like his potential, but must improve.

QB Maty Mauk(212) showed why he is the best QB in his class. Threw mostly short passes. Ran the ball (out of necessity) well. Fast in open field. Strong arm. Quick release. Took a beating in this scrimmage. As always, he just kept coming back. Thought his release was more consistent than in past years. DE Issac Jeffers(212) played well. Strong and gets off blocks well. Listed 6'4. Very quick coming off the edge at times. Big frame to add weight. Should be a scholarship player. DB Brice Fackler(212) did well at free safety. Smart and understands coverages. Long. Comes up well on run support. Needs to get faster.

Good scrimmage for everyone. Actually had a college call asking about the scrimmage.

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