Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good-bye "TP"

Just arrived home from Syracuse last night and really had not heard the good news about Pryor leaving not only Ohio, but the entire Midwest. Read the Dispatch this morning over coffee and found out more.

"TP" was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the third round in the supplemental draft. Surprised me with the excellent draft history of the Raiders. (sarcasm) But then I remembered that the Raiders took the highly touted JaMarcus Russell with the overall number one pick a few years ago.(sarcasm) I just evaluate high school players, but I wish college and pro coaches shoulld quit worrying about the media perception and pressure and just recruit or draft players as they value them.

I do not know much about out-of-state high school players, but I did see a clip on "TP." Obviously, I knew he was not a passer. Saw him as a freshman at O-State and knew he was a thrower, not a passer. Honestly, despite all of the hopeful talk, knew that you would or could not change his delivery and release. Tremendous athlete, no question. The biggest strength a pro QB needs is intelligence. "TP" could not read defenses at OSU and now he will at Oakland?

Now that he has a team, next he will appeal the strictions Commissioner Roger Goodell laid out. Wow, that surprises me that he would do that. I thought he would follow the rules.

I never met "TP," but I am really glad that he is out of Ohio. I read newspapers that cover Ohio sports. Hopefully, covering him now will be down to a minimum. Probably the saddest thing is that his track record that he set was not all his fault. Being a "kids' guy," I wish him well and hope that the "light comes on," someday.

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