Monday, August 15, 2011

Three SW Ohio Linemen in 2013 Class

Last Saturday, Lakota West and Springboro were part of a four-way scrimmage at Springboro. Since I will see Lakota West and Wayne in two weeks, I spent more time watching Springboro and Dayton C-J. OL Kyle Meadows(213) from Lakota West and OL Sean Welsh(213) both have huge potential, but bring contrasting styles. Darrien Howard(213) is still working hard at MLB. Lovell Peterson played some DT.

Kyle Meadows is 6'6-265 and long. Athletic. Good feet and moves well. Good first step. Plays left tackle and gets out on pass protection. Gets hands on defenders. Needs to be a better bender. Also, needs to develop a better punch. Potential to add much weight and strength. A top guy for me.

Sean Welsh is listed at 6'3-250. More compact. Could not get a good evaluation, because of a leg problem. Uses his weight well. Needs to be better bender. Like his potential, but will probably move inside. Concern about feet on pass protection. Did well at a camp this summer. A top ten OL guy.

Darrien Howard listed at 6'2-235 continues to work hard at Middle Backer. Lost some weight and really working on speed. Needs to better getting off blocks and finding ball. Plays low. Good athleticism. I think he has a future at Mike, but must continue to work hard.

Lovell Peterson played some DT and looked good. The best center prospect in his Ohio class of 213. A top five OL guy. As a defender, looks strong and has a burst. Powerful hands to separate from blocker. Gets pad under pad. Could be one of the better D-line guys by season's end.

Early to really evaluate, but these four are loaded with potential.

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