Monday, August 1, 2011

Chuck Kyle - St Ignatius Football Coach

Tomorrow I will be in Cleveland doing some evaluating and am looking forward to seeing my good friend, Chuck Kyle, head football coach at St Ignatius High School. Our relationship dates back over twenty years. Times have changed with internet media recruiting and college coaches wanting information sooner and sooner, but Chuck and my relationship never changes. Always good.

One of my first dealings with Coach Kyle was with the selection of the "Big 33" team years ago. The first year of the series Ohio had some key players select not to play. Back then the North/South and the "Big 33" were almost back to back. That first year Ohio was really hammered. The second year Coach Kyle was selected to be the head coach. When he called and asked for my imput, he told me that he was playing to win and no politics. Together we were able to select and get commitments from some really good players. We won.

Coach Kyle teaches English classes, as did I for many years. Teaching English and being both the head football coach and head track coach is huge. Not the norm, in this day and age. By the way, he does not teach "bonehead" English classes. No such thing at Ignatius. Also, he is successful at all three positions.

From the old school, but he has changed with the times. Shows his players respect, but still has that fire to get his point across. High energy level whether coaching football or track. I do not know how many state championships he has won, but he is always the same Chuck Kyle. I really appreciate the fact that his success never goes to his head. I usually call him at home, and always takes time to discuss not only his prospects, but life in general.

Looking forward to watching St. Ignatius practice. They have a ton of players wanting to be part of the tradition of St Ignatius football. Nice thing for me is that they have some really good young prospects to evaluate. Of course. looking forward, just as well, to visiting my good friend.

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