Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Excellent Quarterback Camps

Last Monday and Tuesday I visited two quarterback camps that were somewhat different in their approach, but totally equal on the  level of accomplishment. One in Cleveland and one in the Dayton area. I would recommend either one for quarterbacks young and old. For just one on one sessions, Ben Mauk is on the rise as one of the better QB coaches.

The Clinic of Champions was held for three days in Cleveland used to be The Gary Stevens QB/REC camp. This year veteran Joe Perella and St Ignatius QB coach, Nick Restifo directed the camp. The staff included former NFL QB's Elvis Grbac and Tom Arth. Long time successful high school coaches, Chuck Kyle and Russ Jacques instructed along with Lakewood coach, Ron Lewis.

The approach to this camp was a little different. Only quarterbacks and receivers took part. There were no defensive backs. Like most camps each group received coaching one station and then rotated to another station to work on a different drill. Alot of individual attention was given to throwing motion and footwork.

Receivers followed the same format on the other end of the field. Running disciplined routes and concentrating on the ball were emphasized. No defenders were banging on the receivers. There were no defenders to distract receivers. Even in 7on7, there were no LB's or DB's. Wide receivers did not worry about getting push around. Total concentration on receiver skills.

The campers, for the most part, seemed older and bigger. Receivers were much the same. There were alot of prospects who need to be evaluated. Cleveland Central Catholic QB Tatavion Pauldo looked good as did St Ignatius QB Mike LaManna.

Mike Schneider, Dayton Northmont quarterback coach, has been instructing quarterbacks forever. ( He is older than I am). Mike directs the Mike Schneider Quarterback Clinic. There are two high school sessions in June and a junior high session in July. Wide receivers and defensive backs also work in  separate areas in their own camp. They receive individual attention and then work together with the QB's.

As I do at every camp, I get there early to identify the players who need to be evaluated. Tuesday, however, I found myself watching Mike Schneider teach quarterbacks most of the time. Honestly, I have never seen as much attention to detail. I really believe Mike's strength would be taking an athlete who knew nothing about quarterbacking and developing him into a quarterback. He was the teacher and taught the QB's. Of course, he works well with older QB's, but he was so good with the basics.

For example, the QB's warmed up, but did almost no running. No bags, no sprints, and no real agility drills. All of the stretching exercises were QB stretches. Ball skill drills applied to the QB's. Everything was broken down to square one. Everything was explained well enough that an old linebacker/ center like me could understand. Just as important was why it should be done the way he said.

Just a note- I do not want to make Mike Schneider the next Jon Gruden, but he started with the basics and explained every little detail and why. I mean the guy can teach QB's.

Both quarterback camps will be highly recommended by me next summer. Professionally done. Alot of teaching taking place. No nonsense. Important to me, that coaches communicated well and treated the campers well. Yes, there were some college prospects at both camps. Great envoirnment to learn football and "get better."

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