Thursday, June 21, 2012

OSU Underclassmen Camp

Ohio State, a few years ago, started a camp for underclassmen (incoming sophomores and juniors). Tremendous idea - another evaluating tool developed by former head coach Jim Tressel. The new football coaching staff has kept the camp and has tweaked it some.

For me, I like to get there early just before actual registration begins. I use this team to move around to meet some of the campers who I do not know and also to meet parents. I tell campers what to expect and how to act. Actually, sometimes I get questions from them in return.  If I do not have contact information, I get that at this time. Silly, but I hope that I serve as buffer between the coaches and campers/parents.

Although most campers understand the importance of being able to communicate, some do not always do a good job. When a coach talks to you, take the marbles out of your mouth and do not mumble. Speak loudly and clearly. ALWAYS look the coach in the eyes and hear, as well as listen, to all that he says. Concentrate on what he is saying. Do not let your parents do all of the talking. Finally, say thanks when you are finished chatting.

Parents, most of this camp "stuff" is really new to you, but let your son swim for himself. Once he has registered and gets measured, kind of drift way to the sidelines. If you want to meet a position coach, find the coach and introduce yourselves. If things go well, maybe he will introduce you to the "main man." Or, honestly, if you are his high school coach take him to meet his position coach.

Today, I talked with a defensive lineman(Class of 2014) from the Cincinnati area. Weighed in around 260 and 6'2+ everyday. He has a chance to be very good. Told him not to add any bad weight. Told him to be at the front of the line in every drill. Told him to bust his butt on every drill. Told him to dominate in one on one drills. Told him at the end of the day, he wants coaches to remember that guy in the blue. Now, I am not the sharpest tack in the drawer, but players need to reminded at times what football camps are about.

Finally, there were around 400 campers there today. Ohio State cannot offer 400 scholarships(humor). BUT, the college football coaching network is huge. Saturday, many of the MAC coaches will be at Ohio State for "Senior Day." Many of those coaches have friends at BCS schools. If you work hard and leave it on the field, somebody is going to find out about you. You might not be a future Buckeye, but coaches will know who you are.

The Ohio State football compliance has put some limits on what the media can do, where they can be, and when they can communicate. Probaly not anNCAA compliance rule, but an O-State rule. The internet media recruiting writers have helped force this the change. I guess it is a good rule. Obviously, anytime that you have a chance to help kids get better, you are doing something good. However, sometimes some people are not interested in helping players get better and parents get smarter.

All in all, the trip to Ohio State was good.

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