Friday, June 8, 2012

Mewhort - Super Young Man

The first time I read about Ohio State players, Jack Mewhort and Jake Stoneburner, getting arrested for urinating on a side of a building near the Muirfield Village Golf Club, I was expecting that so much more was involved. But, to my knowledge there is nothing more than three guys  getting spotted urinating on the side of the building at 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

To my knowledge there were no drugs being sold. There was no one slapped around or robbed. There was no armed robbery. There was no driving under the influence. There was no one beating up his girlfriend. There was no one shooting a gun in the air. There was no one wrestling with the police. What there was were some guys urinating onlong a building at 2 a.m. Of course, first they ran, but came back to the police. They had some "rubber-duck" excuses for running, but that was from panic.

I do not know Jake Stoneburner, an Ohio State TE from Dublin Coffman. Of course, I know who Stoneburner is, but I do not know him personally. I do not know Austin Barnard, an Ohio State student. But I do know Jack Mewhort, a redshirt junior offensive lineman from Toledo St Johns High School. In fact, at my Underclassmen Showcase at St Johns last Tuesday, I ran into Mewhort working out along the sidelines.

Not being a nosey reporter, I just greeted him and asked how football was going. He brought up the subject of being arrested, not I. Having skeletons in my own attic, I told him to hang-in and things will be fine. Jack is a very humble young man and is hanging low until all of this media coverage goes away.

When Mewhort signed with Buckeyes, there were five star(whatever that means) from Texas and Florida and Dublin Coffman also coming to the Buckeyes. I have always liked Michael Adams, but I did not know much about the other two. I knew Jack had his work cut out for him. He needed to improve his quickness and speed. I guess he was only a two star(whatever that means). He quietly did his work. He learned all of the offensive line positions, but he just could not get alot of playing time.

Jack has bought into Coach Urban Meyer's system and should do well. This incident will be a speed bump. Hopefully, a huge embarrassing lesson was learned. Coach Meyer has to discipline the two young men. Although he has a get tough policy, "the time should fit the crime."Almost as soon as he could, Jack called Coach Meyer. Of course, Meyer is not dealing with the pamperd NFL players, so there should be no appeal, but his discipline will be firm and fair.

For you who do not know Jack Mewhort personally, he is a tremendous young man. The kind of young man that you want your daughter to bring home to meet you. The kind of young man that you want your boys to talk to about work ethic. The kind of young man who represents Ohio State University.

Like I said, I donot personally know Jake Stoneburner, but he should also be fine. Jack Mewhort, I do know, will overcome another speedbump,  in becoming one of the top offensive lineman in the Big Ten. He has proved people wrong before. This two star(whatever that means) will prove that he a five star(whatever that means) in not only football , but also in character.

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