Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chris Chambers' Camp - Good Deal

For the past six years I have made a point to visit Chris Chambers Football Camp in Cleveland. Chris's  84 Foundation is responsible for the camp. For the past fouryears, it has been held at Bedford High School. The camp focuses on the skilled players.

Chris and I have a long history. I rated him the top receiver in Ohio his senior year. He went on to star at the University of Wisconsin. From there it was on to the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins,  and the Kansas City Chiefs. He told me yesterday that he is retiring due to an injury. Now it is fulltime work for his Foundation. His is also bringing a mental and physical training program to Cleveland in the near future.

Like most camps, players go through a variety of football related agility drills. Next each camper works on his postion specific drills. To finish the morning, players do one-on-one drills. After lunch, school teams play a 7on7 tournament. Schools involved this year were Bedford, St Villa-St Joes, Cleveland Central Catholic, Akron Buchtel, Collinwood, Glenville, Richmond Hills, Brush, and Shaw. Needless to say, very good competition.

All players had on the same cloth, so it was hard to identify individual players and not get run over. I am sure I have overlooked some players from the Class of 2013, because, at this time, my focus is mostly on the Classes of 2014 and 2015.
     Anthony Shumpert - East Cleveland Shaw - RB - 2014. Really impressed with attitude and physical skills. A RB/DB now, but look to see him on defense in college. Excellent hips and 4.5 speed. Listed 5'11-195. Really like his toughness. Carries a 4.0GPA. Could be an 01A for me.
     Antoine Stone - Bedford - RB/DB - 2014. Transferred back from Walsh. Fast and has an excellent burst. Quick feet and balance. Like his recovery speed. Listed 5'9-170. Good hands. Very athletic. One to watch.
     Quan Robinson - Glenville - QB - 2014. Started for Glenville as a sophomore. Has gained height, weight, and strength. Throws tight spiral. Listed 6'2-185. Understands game. Wish he had better QB footwork. Smart. Like his potential. One to watch.
     Joe Henderson - Shaker Heights - OLB - 2014. Listed 6'4-205. Can add alot of good weight. Good burst. Could see as an edge player. Needs to work on changing direction. Competes hard. Like his potential. One to watch.
     Carl Dodwell - Glenville - WR/DB - 2013. Just moved to Glenville. Liked him as athlete last year. Good speed. Really athletic. Competes. Needs reps. Will be a good player.
     Stephen Shorts - Cleveland Brush - QB - 2014. Will be too short to be a QB at next level. Threw the ball well. Like his football IQ. Solid speed. Listed at 5'8. Has to find a position.
     Jacob King - East Cleveland Shaw - QB/FS - 2013. Played QB and FS, but will be a defender at the next level. 4.5 speed. Listed 6'2-200. Like combination speed/athleticism. Competes. One to watch.
     Devon Bolden - St Villa-St Joe - RB - 2013. Listed 5'8, but compact and strong. Good burst. Plays CB, but could be an RB. One to watch.
     Tatavion Pauldo - Cleveland Central Catholic - QB/FS - 2014. Have liked him for two years. Listed at 6'2-190. QB skills need much work. Strong arm. Impressed with overall strength. Tough Free Safety. If he gets coached up, could be a really good QB prospect, but definite FS. One to watch.
     Donquez Gambrell - Glenville - DE/WR - 2014. Looked good until he tweaked his knee. Listed at 6'4-190. Worked hard in the drills, but missed the individual work. One to watch. 
     Derek Parton - Cleveland St Joes - OL - 2016. May be going into his sophomore year. Listed at 6'7, but and thin. Basketball player. Runs okay. Just has to fill out. Eventual very solid OL guy, if works hard in weight room. Good feet. Too early, but like his potential.
There were some other younger, talented players in attendance. Have their names and will do some homework and catch up with them this fall.

Chris Chambers and his staff a tremndous job with this camp. A lot of hard work and some coaching too. Making kids better in all areas is what it is all about.


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