Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Thoughts on Football Summer Camps

My apologies to the young men who have attended one of the three camps that I directed this past week. This week is really a travel week for me, because I attend as many of the satellite camps and regular camps that I can squeeze in the next two weeks. MSROHIO Development Camp comments will be posted, as soon as I have time. Sorry, but I just have to see young players.

Colleges are good to me, as long as I stay out of their way and do not take pictures or video or try to interview campers. I never do that "stuff" anyways, because it is a priviledge to be at a camp. I have heard that O-State has put some new limitations to fans, parents, and media. Of course, all schools have guidelines to follow.

I get asked a lot of questions about camps. Just some thoughts on camps. Obviously, I do not favor one over the other, because they all have their strengths. Plus, I have friends at every camp.

In this day and age with money being what it is, players need to limit just how many camps that they attend. Soon it becomes overkill. Also, I have had players send their summer camp schedule. Some guys are going all over the place and back to back to back. Eventually, your body wears down. Just hope that it does not wear down at the school that you are trying to impress. QB's must be really careful. What a coach sees is what he sees.

Brady Hoke is an old friend of mine, as are some of his assistants. Michigan has a very competitive camp, with excellent instruction. Assistant coaches from college programs all over the country, and especially in the Midwest, work the camp. But four days is a long time and can get expensive. Sometimes going just one or two days is good. If you are a young player, soak up all that you can.

Ohio State covers the whole 10 yards. They have two huge senior days, one early and one at the end of the 15 day window. They also have a three day with excellent instruction. Probably my favorite is their 2 day camp for underclassmen. Great idea. Underclassmen get to stay one night in the dorm and get all of the attention from the college coaches for those two days. Everything, for the most part, is run like the other OSU Camps.

Michigan State does much the same as the other colleges, but one thing I like is that they usually hold a one day camp in later July. One last chance to evaluate players and maybe some who have slipped through the cracks or have been injured and now are healthy. Bowling Green is holding a one day camp in July this summer.

In the surrounding states, schools like Kentucky, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and  Notre Dame all are easy driving distance and run excellent camps. Here, too, alot of college assistants work these camps. More exposure and evaluation.

If you have a special interest in or connection to a school or the recruiters at that school have really treated you well, work that camp into your schedule. Syracuse comes to mind. Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota recruit Ohio hard, and although a longer trip it would be worth the while.The Ivy schools are a good place to go, because the environment is different.

Also, after you have met a college coach working as an instructor at one of the bigger camps, plan to attend a one day camp at his school. Usually, this is where the Mid American schools really do well. All of the MAC schools are usually represented at the major college camps.

Kent State does something that I really like for young players. They have a one day for the Class of 2015, a one day for the Class of 2014, and a one day for the Class of 2013. They coach the all levels the some way and put them through the same tests and the same instruction.

If you work all day and cannot get a way to go to a day camp, I know of two schools who hold Friday Night Lights. Bowling Green and Toledo seem to have alot of success with attendance. I have never been to one, but may try this summer.

Really almost all colleges are having some type of camp. Whether it be D-1, D-2, or D-3. The time is getting late for this year, but everybody takes walk-ups. If you are strapped for money, make plans for next year. Exposure is so important. Plus, attending a camp for just one day is an excellent way to check the college facilities and coaching staff. Who knows, you may not like it.

Sorry to say this, but college football summer camps are so important now. Almost a must Find a way to get it done and attend some camps. Budget your time and money. See you there!

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LB3 said...

Got lost to camp Franklin Sunday. We went to the high school and there was no camp. Didnt know camp was down at the park. It was totally my fault. We finally got to the park at 1:30 or so. I know being on time means allot so we sat it out and came back home. Really was tempting to hit that pool out back. lol Oh by the way... Hi back at ya.