Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Michigan Football Camp

Although the weather was a little warm today, I really enjoyed my visit to the Michigan Football Camp. Really was not to many Wolverine Football Camps during the Rich-Rod Era. Always enjoyed talking with Rich, but his camps were just okay. Brady Hoke and his staff have the Michigan Camps much improved and much like the Bo days.

Of course, when talking Michigan Camps, I go back to the Bo era. Since Ohio State changed its format a few years, the Buckeyes also have an excellent camp now. Michigan always brought in many college, as well as high school coaches, to work their camps and help evaluate. All schools are doing it now, which makes it really nice for the kids to get evaluated. Hopefully, I will get to Michigan State and Cincinnati yet this summer.

To me, all college football stadiums have character. However, Ohio State University and University of Michigan are like two neighbors trying to keep up with the Joneses. Have been to both campuses this past week and WOW, both programs are dropping some benjamins on their facilities.

I never really report what I see at any camp that I visit. I do not report who was there or how they performed, or what any college coach said to me about a camper. It is a practice that I have done for over twenty years. Coaches let me go anywhere in camp, as long as I stay out the way. Of course, I do not take pictures, or put information on recruiting sites. If I can get a player's name and cell phone, I am good.

Have always felt that if the college coaches are nice enough to let me in camp, then I should keep what I see to myself.

Mansfield Senior head football coach, Chioke Bradley is working the Michigan Camp. Coach Bradley played at Mansfield Senior and furthered his career at Bowling Green State University. I told him that the cupboard was almost bare, when he took the job. Mansfield Senior is tough job, but he is working hard, and I hope that he does well.

Also was surprised to see LB Michael McCray visiting the camp. Really enjoyed chatting with him. Michael will be a senior at Trotwood Madison and has verbally committed to Michigan. Mike, but I call him Michael, represents Trotwood Madison well. Have known him for three years and he is class act, both on the field and outside the lines. Being from Ohio, I am sure the narrow-minded OSU fans are on his case, but Michael has to what is best for Michael. For this, I applaude him. 

Watching young men of all talent levels and ages working their butts off to "get better," always impresses me. (The only camps back in my day were Boy Scout, church, and 4-H.) Trust me, they sweat and work hard. Four days of getting better as a football player is tough. With that said, I do believe if I am a rising junior or senior, I would only be at any camp for one day, at the most two. If I am a freshman or sophomore, four days will make me better.

Looking forward to visiting O-State on Thursday. This trip will be huge for me, because the format is different. On Thursday, only the classes of 2014 and 2015 are scheduled to be there. Coaches coach the same drills and the tests are the same. For the most part, these two classes are treated like the Class of 2013. Since I have contact information, measurements, and early ratings on over 325 prospects in the Ohio Class of 2014 and 175 prospects in the Ohio Class of 2015, the day is like Christmas for me. Except, however, the temperature is supposed to be in the high 80's.

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