Thursday, June 7, 2012

MSROHIO in Toledo

My Underclassmen Showcase Camps went on the road this summer, rather than just staying in Columbus for one Showcase. First stop was last Tuesday in Toledo at St Johns High School. Next stop is in Columbus, today, at Thomas Worthington High School.

For the most part I was disappointed in the turnout in Toledo. All kinds of reasons for the small number. One school was in exam week. One school had a huge awards dinner. One school was using the day for a camp day to prepare for next week's NFL sponsored high school camp. Probably, except for Toledo Start who was well represented, the city school football programs were not in attendance.

The coaches who helped did an excellent job. I really appreciated their effort and their knowledge.

Here is the positive side of my trip to Toledo. We made the players better. Anything I can do to make players better, I will try. Watched two players who are D-1 prospects and both going into their junior year. DB Marcus Elliott from Whitmer and OL/DL Nick Demaline from Liberty Center did well. When I do the Showcase evaluations, more players will be covered.

As silly as it may seem, one of my highlights of the Showcase was a discussion I had with one of the player's mom after the camp. Her son had never run a 40 before and is going into his junior year. Measured 5'11-178. Carries a 3.4 GPA. No clue about college summer football camps. Through emails, I was able to give her some camp suggestions. Received an email from her today. She has lined up four camps for him to attend, one being Ohio State's two day camp for underclassmen.

Honestly, way too early to tell of his potential, because he has a long hill to climb. But I believe that he has a chance to play at the next level. As to which level, I do not know. But as I always say, "it is about finishing, not about where you have started."

Some of the recruiting writers get tired of me saying,"it about the kids and making them better," but that is what it is all about with McCallister. Always was and always will be. If I have helped some mother to make her son better, then the 60 minutes up SR23 and I-75 was well worth it.

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