Sunday, June 19, 2011

O-State Football Camp

Just arrived home from the OSU 3 Day Football Camp and guess what, the camps are surviving and doing well. The attendance is up from last year at all three camps. The first "Senior Camp" was well attended, and there will be a larger attendance at this Saturday's other "Senior Camp." The "Two Day Underclassmen Camp" should be well attended, but there have been so many good underclassmen who have already showcased their talents that camp attendance may not be quite as large.

The policy to invite Mid American coaches to work senior camps is still in effect. Of course, alot of the decision makers attend these camps. Many schools are represented here.

While chatting with Coach Fickell, I took my first picture for some fan. People do not realize that I take bad pics. Hopefully, I got the top of their heads in the picture. Plus these new cameras are hard on me. I am used to taking pics in the old Kodaks that had the roll of film in the camera.

Lynn Swann thought enough of the OSU Camp to bring his son from Pittsburgh for three days. Swann sat in the small bleachers, almost incognito. Archie used to try to do the same thing at Shaker Heights, but everybody knew him. I did not see Urban Meyer, John Gruden, or the Nebraska coach, but according to rumors they were in C-bus looking for houses this weekend..

Ohio State is still Ohio State. They have good players and good coaches. Tremendous facilites. Luke Fickell, hopefully, will continue to be Luke Fickell. Some recruits may choose to go elsewhere, but one cannot control that. I am always amazed when I see players called top rated or top ranked, because I never know who rates or ranks them. The basketball team survived sanctions and so will OSU football. The camps have been a success, and as I said earlier, Ohio State is still Ohio State.

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