Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Ozone

Last week I chatted with my old, good friend John Porentas, the founder of the "The Ozone" website, which centers on Ohio State Athletics. We have been friends for many years, and I respect him, because he started from the ground-floor and worked his way to the top. Most amazing is that he has not stepped on people on his climb. Even more amazing, he is the same media guy that I meet many years ago.

The Ozone features and covers all sports. Baseball has a tremendous following. Other sports at Ohio State get much coverage. Football and basketball, as should be expected, probably require the most coverage. Interesting enough, Porentas does not let his staff get too wrapped up in the recruiting process. Many people believe recruiting is what sells. Fans love the rumors of recruiting, but Porentas realizes just how much non factual information is out there.

The Ozone, like many sites, has an open forum. Obviously, disagreement from readers is evident. The forum is closely moderated and discussions are civil. No name calling. No vulgarity. They try to maintain a certain level of credability. As for myself, I hardly ever read forums and never participate in chat rooms. Premium sites are too expensive for a retired teacher. But I sneaked a peek at Ozone's Open Forum.

If you want more O-State news, visit the OZONE. Easy to read.

Unless he has changed over the years, Porentas built his website by being honest and following the rules. In this day and age, that seems to be a lost art. If you see him, he probably will not be in a three-piece suit. You probably will not see him dining in alot of five star restaurants. His office is not in Dublin. But, you can trust his knowledge and can sense that he cares about people. Proud to call John Porentas my friend and to applaude the work that he has done.

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