Sunday, June 26, 2011

Camps are Over (for most part)

Most of the college footbal camps are over, and although they are both fun and work, I am kind of glad. Fun - I get to see many high school players, both college prospects and prospects working hard to make their high school team better. I get to update my coaching network. Of course, I get to evaluate high school football players. Work - I try to get to as many camps as I can. Gas money! Do not make time to chat with people as much as I would like. Weather- sometimes the sun gets alittle too hot. Being a "fair-skin old dog," I use the lotion and the wide hat. For those who know me, I really enjoy doing what I do.

A few years ago, I was complaining about the dishonesty of the business. A young college assistant coach told me that " maybe I was losing my desire and drive." Needless to say I just considered the source, but that comment still amuses me and maybe motivates me. But I am going to be 63 years young next month and maybe I am an old guard.

Advice to young football players. If you can afford it, make plans to get to a camp next year. If you are in junior high go to any camp for the experience. If you are in the Ohio 215 Class, you, too, can go just about anywhere. But for you, "big is not always better." Go to a good camp that has good coaches. Sad, but not all programs have good coaches.

For the Ohio 214 Class, you have to think recruiting and exposure. You will be coming out of your sophomore year. You will already be on the radar. I have over 300 names and measurements and contact information. Many I have already evaluated. Kent State had a one day for each class. Ohio State has two days devoted to underclassmen. Look for more schools to follow this concept. Get to some camps.

For the Ohio 213 Class, obviously, exposure is the key. You need to be out there. "One day camps" is the answer. Why would you spend three days or more any place? Money and time should be important to you. You will learn some new skills, but the chance to impress college coaches with your hard work is what it is all about.

Next spring I will spend more time talking about summer football camps. July is almost here and high school camps begin the last of the month. Time to start focusing on making your high school team better.

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