Friday, June 17, 2011

A Camp "offer"

Before I leave for the OSU 9-12 football camp, I really want to remind prospects and parents about a "Camp-offer." College coaches cannot make an "offer" to a prospect while in summer camp. Really I do not believe they can offer a prospect while he is even on campus. Not for sure on that, however. Will find out.

Some assistant coaches sometimes get too excited and might say something that mentions "offer," but that is not an offer and is against the rules. Plus, the head coach is usually involved in offering a propect.

Be careful with the word "offer. Before, you, as a propect or parent, make any comments regarding offers, check with some one who actually can help you. Verify the offer with the coaching staff. Offers are a big thing with high profile prospects. Some just collect them as a game. Others have no clue what an actual offer consists. As usual, the dot-com media loves to hear the word offer, because it gives them more content.

Save yourself the embarrassment, and be for sure, before you make any announcement.

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