Monday, June 13, 2011

MSROHIO Underclassman Showcase

Last Saturday, June 11th we held our first true underclassman camp. Of course, since I am the director and would say this, "the camp was a success." With 60% chance of rain, not one rain drop feel. A beautiful day for football. A total of 129 campers attended and another 11 were registered, but did not make the trip for fear of bad weather.

We ran some of the traditional combine skills. Times were recorded, but there was no formal instruction. Most of the day was spent on individual specific drills and competition drills. There was some limited 7on7 competition near the end of camp. Individual headshots were taken and can be seen on this website. Two video cameras were constantly going.

The campers got their money's worth. Most of the coaches were selected on reccomendations from my friends in the coaching profession.The most pleasant surprise was the work and knowledge of the coaches. They did a tremendous job. Some of these guys need to be mentioned.
Chuck Gresham played at Eastmoor HS and YSU. Directs a training center in Columbus. He was responsible for warm-ups, the 40, and RB's. Very thorough and liked his enthusiam.
Jason Krause is the head football coach at Fairfield HS. Timed the 40's. Ran the star drill and coached DB's. Tremendous knowledge of DB's and excellent communicator.
Andy Gasper is defensive co-ordinator at Grove City. Coached LB's both inside and outside. Very intense and knowledgeable. Very detailed.
Kevin Heitzel is DL coach at Toledo Whitmer. Coached the DL, both DT and DE. Also very intense. Did a really well with one on one drills.
Brian Thomas is a WR coach at Dublin Coffman. Also OC at Bexley. Provided an assortment of receiver drills. A lot of energy. Very detailed.
Paul Yunker is an OL coach at Bryan in northwest Ohio. Liked his attention to details. Provided many types of lineman drills. Good at one on one drills.
Matt Daniels is the QB coach at Toledo St Johns. Worked with proshuttle. Tremendous job with QB's. Liked his footwork drills. Also worked with 7on7. Liked his enthusiasm with QB's.
Kyle Goebbel is the QB at Dublin Coffman. Worked well with passing techniques. Also well with 7on7.
Donald Henderson played QB at Brookhaven HS and at OU. Ran the broad jump and worked with RB's. Detailed and liked his evaluations of RB's.
Joe Baldwin will be new to the staff at Central Crossing. Works combines with me. Worked with DL. Good young coach.
Isaac Anderson is still a college student. Will work with Upper Sandusky football staff this fall. Really believe he will be an excellent coach some day. Works combines with me. Ran powerball test. Also worked with OL.
Chris King trains athletes in central Ohio. Very knowledgeable. Wor with he 40's and WR. Understands details of combine instruction.
The backbone of my instructional staff. Feel very fortunate to get coaches(sight unseen) of this caliber.

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