Sunday, March 2, 2014

The OHSAA State Wrestling Tournament

       Thursday night I spent four hours watching the first round of the OHSAA Wrestling Finals in Columbus. Watching high school wrestling is fun, and I really respect the hard work that goes into being a wrestler. I will admit that I do not see as many contests that I should. I have yet to scan the final results from yesterday, but I saw some wrestlers who are also really good football players.
      Heavyweight OL/DL Nik Urban (2016) from Willoughby South was aggressive and moved well. Liked his balance. Good knee bender. Will be one of my top linemen in the 2016 Class.
      Another heavyweight, Elyria's Kevin Vough is only a freshman. Guessin 6'2-250, really like his football potential. Aggressive. Really showed good balance. Just the fact that he is coming out of NE Ohio says much about his toughness.
      Marquise Copeland LB from Bedford wrestled well at the 220 pound level. Seems to have slimmed down some. Liked his quickness. Actually moved better than I would have guessed. Never questioned his toughness, but at 6'0, he really has to run well. Member of the 2015 Class.
      Matt Stencel from Oregon Clay wrestled at 182 pounds. Only a sophomore, this was the first time that I had seen him. Tough. Good quickness. Competitive. One I definitely need to get to know.
      Toledo Central Catholic's Jquan Fisher was talked into coming out for wrestling this year. An all- conference football player, the junior wrestled heavyweight. Really like his toughness and aggressiveness. Do not know how tall he is, but he plays big.
      Meigs High School has a potential scholarship football player in junior Daylen Neece. Daylen also good on the wrestling mat. Guessin 6'4-220 I like his potential. Will know more after I watch him at my combine in two weeks.
      Akron St Vincent St Mary's Dre'k Brumley (2015) wrestled well at 220. A starter on the state championship football team. Listed 6'0-245 during football, Der'k was a strong DT. Played pad under pad and had good leverage. Does much the same on the mat. Should be one of the top DL guys next fall.
       Of course, there were more high school underclassmen football players wrestling last Thursday night. Monday, I start calling head football coaches to find out more about some of the ones who I am not familiar with.

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