Monday, March 24, 2014

MSROHIO Developmental Combines - Comments

      Actually completes yesterday's combine results this morning and will have them on the website Tuesday night. All three combine results will be posted on For the most part, everything went well at all three combines. The players did an excellent job of doing what they had to do. I have been doing these combines for four years now, but I learn more every time we host one.
      Yesterday, we had over 105 walk-ups, but  I will never change that policy. Never turn away a player, because he had not pre-registered. Walk ups make registration a little tougher, but it goes smoothly. No one seems to complain. Always have thought that if the line continues to move, we are doing okay.
      Shirts. Probably the biggest lesson that I learned yesterday was that I have to order more smaller sizes. Today's world, every player wants that tight fitting look. I guess I look at myself, with no arm muscle, no chest, and lots of soft stomach, and think bigger. Being 65, I guess I was not into the tighter look. Well, I am now. This summer and next March, no more baggy shirts. I promise.
      Stay in the parents section. At Dayton, one guy kept edging out onto the field. Only one was opened, but one guy stood in the door, peeking around the corner. One guy, sprinted out to see if his son was okay with his test's time. Yesterday, we had one parent sit on a chair at the start of the 40. How does that help your son?
     Coaches. At Dayton, head football coaches showed amazing support for their players. Head Coaches from Fairfield, Centerville, Springfield, Hamilton, and LaSalle were present. Some worked the combine; some just watched their players. I thought that was impressive.
     Players. We had 173 players yesterday and the day went smoothly. Amazing to me that with such an array of talent, ages, and schools that everything always seems to go well. Players want to learn, get better, and compete. I still believe that for the vast majority of young people, if you show them respect and show that you care, you will the same back. End of five minute sermon.
     Tests results. I understand, but I do not understand. I give players the opportunity to not have their scores released. Makes sense. If I am a freshman or sophomore, tests results are not going to make you lose a scholarship. One parent asked me not release his results, because he had been sick and lost four pounds. He was concerned about the weight. Another parent of a 2016 guy asked not to have his son's scores released. Problem for me - his scores were really good. But I did not post them. I joke with the players - that no college is going to not recruit or stop recruiting you because you had some bad times at the MSROHIO Combine in MARCH.
      For most players, the college summer camps are really important. Because Ohio has no spring football, many colleges have to go on camp performances. To me what is most important, can you play football? Will you compete when the pads go on? Parents are marketing their sons through the football recruiting football websites. People get paid to write stories on internet sites.
    Still believe that everything begins with building relationships. No, I do not have to be the first one to know where a recruit is going to commit. No, I do not annoy him with questions about how a visit went. No, I do not have to know where he is leaning. All I have to know is the answer to any question he may have about the football recruiting process. All I have to know is who the "bad guys" in the recruiting media are and who the "bad college recruiting programs" are. I do.
       Thanks to all, who made the combines an attendance success and a learning success.

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