Thursday, March 27, 2014

More players. More comments about Combines

Some other players need to be mentioned before, I close the book on this year's combines. I knew some of the players before the combines, but I was also impressed with some new names. Need to see all of them over the course of this spring and summer. Camps are important for all.
Ben Snell RB (2016) - Westerville Central. Measured 5'10.6/205 (NS). A north/south runner with 4.7 speed. Needs to work on changing direction, but his strength is N/S. Verticaled 30.0. Only a sophomore, he has time to get faster. Powerful, low to the ground runner.
John Junker LB (2015) - LaSalle. A favorite of mine, but needs to find a position. Possible LB. Ran 4.5 PS. Good burst. Getting stronger. Needs to get into camp.
Colton Whited WR (2015) - Hudson. Ran 4.6/40. Excellent hands. Broad jump - 9'4. L-cone 7.0. Measured almost 6'0 (NS). Can get faster. Liked his route running last fall. Needs to get into camp to show speed and ball catching skills.
Jalen Terry CB (2015) - New Albany. Last fall, Jalen impressed me as a cover corner. Almost 5'10(NS). 4.6/40 but will get faster. Explosive - 35.9 vertical. 9'11 broad jump. 7.1 L-cone. Good hips. Also 34'6 PB. Tough on run support. Needs to get into camp to show his skills. A high rated CB for me.
Leon Eggleston LB (2015) - Southview. Under the radar. Almost 5'11.6/193 (NS). 4.7/40. Impressive 4.3 PS. and 7.2 LC. Athletic. 9'5 broad jump. Need to see more. Undersized LB. Competes hard.
Aaron Williams WR/DB (2105) - Hamilton Township. Ran 4.59 (twice). 5'10-183 (NS). Needs to work on change of direction. Explosive - 9' broad jump. Needs to get into camp. Like his toughness.
DeShawn Gay WR/DB (2015) - Trotwood Madison. 5'8 (NS). 4.6/40. Ran 4.3 PS and 7.2 L-C. Competed hard. Athletic. As he continues to rain, he will get faster/stronger. Like his potential. Needs to get into camps this summer.
Derek Dryfuse TE (2015) - Tiffin Columbian. Simply needs to grow into body. 6'4.6/212 (NS). Ran 5.1/40. Needs to add weight. Get stronger. Excellent ball catching skills. Liked him on video. Get bigger/stronger.
Mitchell Larsen DB (2016) - Fairfield. Tested well. 33.6/vertical. 4.2 PS. 7.0 L-C. 5'11-162 (NS). Good hips. Needs to improve speed, but will - 4.6. Like everything about him as a corner. Frame to add weight. If he plays well in pads, will be one of the top CB in Class of 2016.
Sean Mahone RB (2016) - Lakota West. 6'0-194 (NS). Could be one of top RB's in Class of 2016. Ran 4.65/40. Ran 4.2 PS. Good hips. 7.3 L-C. Like his toughness. Competes hard.
Tyler Traylor WR/OLB (2016) - Dayton C-J. Measured 6'1-193 (NS). 4.8/40, but continues to improve. 4.4/PS. 9'0 broad jump. Ran 7.3 L-C. Better in pads. Plays hard. Plays both sides, but for me a defender. Potential is there.
Nick Kiffmeyer WR/DB (2015) - Findlay. Needs to get into camps. 5'11.6/185 (NS). Ran 4.5/40. 4.2/PS. Broad jumped 9'6. Good explosion. Good burst - 7.0/ L-C. Needs to show skills in front of decision makers. Sleeper.
Luke Ogi LB (2015) - West Holmes. Like him. 6'0-205 (NS). Ran 4.62/40 (twice). Changes direction well for size. 4.3/PS. 7.3/L-C. Good burst. 33.8/PB. Like his toughness. Needs to get into camps. Get in front of decision makes. Sleeper
Ryan Grooms LB (2015) - Grove City. 6'1.6/228 (NS). Ran 4.9/40. Needs to get quicker, but is true Mike backer. 4.6/PS and 7.6 L-C. Like his toughness. Better with pads on. Did vertical 32.5.
Kyle Bundy LB (2015) - Granville. Plays DL now, but LB in college. Ran 4.63/40. Good quickness and change of direction. Ran 4.4/PS. Ran 7.2/L-C (twice). 9'4/BJ. Verticaled 33.5. Competes. Needs to get into camps and work at LB. Sleeper
Franas Cutchember DB (2015) Dublin Scioto. Caught my eye with 4.59/40. Broad jump - 9.5. Verticaled 32.2. Need to see more this summer.
Daniel Kwarteng WR (2015) Westerville Central. Impressive tests scores. 38 vertical. Ran 4.3/PS. Fast - 4.5/40. Needs break out year. Really had developed in the off season. Sleeper. Definitely needs to get front of decision makers. 6'2-183 (NS)
Christian McDermott RB/DB (2015) - Granville. Solid prospect. Ran 4.2/L-C. PB-31'6. Measured 5'10-198 (NS). Needs to attend camps this summer.
Marco Anverse LB ( 2015) - Troy. Measured 6'0-226 (NS). Strong upper body. Needs to be more flexible. Ran 4.7/PS. Better in pads.
Ryan Tobicash LB (2015) - Keystone. Plays LB , but could see him growing into a DL guy. Ran 4.7/40. Verticaled 31.5. Broad jump -9'2. Good hips 4.59/PS and 7.69/L-C. Measured 5'11-221 (NS).
Needs to get in front of college coaches. I need to look at video. Sleeper

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