Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Some QB's at the MSROHIO Combines

Quarterbacks testing at combines is good for me, but the best thing I get to see them in person. Also, even with the limited time after the testing, I get to see them throw. I try not to do much suggesting, but instead, just like to watch them throw. Of course, I am always watching their "quarterback presence."
Mitch Guadagni (2015) - Hudson. Has a lot of skills. 6'2-187(NS). Fast - 4.6/40. Verticaled 35.5. Had one of the better PB throws - 34'7. Strong arm. Needs to improve release. Smart. One of my top three QB's in the Class of 2015.
Roger Engle (2015) - Lorain Clearview. Excellent athlete. Strong arm. Has been with for two years. Needs to get into camps. Biggest test will be completing balls against fast DB's. Needs to improve overall speed.
Brandon Muehl (2015) - Findlay. Definitely needs to get into camps. Almost 6'5-200 (NS). Moves well for size. 4.6/PS. PB-34'6. Threw all winter (with Ben Mauk) to get better and has done that. Like his release. Should have a breakout year.
Danny Naylor (2015) - Springfield. Needs to add weight and strength to his 6'5-166 pound frame. Like his release. Moves in pocket. Watched him for three years, but needs to add a lot of weight. Ran pro shuttle - 4.4.
Steve Ficyk (2015) - Brunswick. Liked him last fall. Manages the game. Physical tools. 6'2-215 (NS). Needs to improve overall speed. Pocket passer. Good release. Needs to get into camps. A run oriented offense. Under the radar.
Nathan Densel (2015) - Dublin Scioto. Strong arm. Good feet. Athletic. Need to see more. Like his release. Did not get to watch him as much. Liked his video. Good size 6'1-204 (NS). Camp guy for me.
Saalih Muhammad (2016) - Springfield. Like his size - 6'2-205 (NS). Strong arm. 36'2 (PB). Like his release. Needs to work on footwork. Strong runner. Last fall was impressed with QB presence. Tough. One of my top QB's in Class of 2016.
Hunter Krause (2016) - Fairfield. Like his feet. Good quickness. 7.2/Lcone. Excellent release. Like his size 6'2-188 (NS). Really like QB presence. Strong arm and will continue stronger. Like his delivery. One of my top QB's in Class of 2016.
Elijah Cunningham (2016) - Springboro. Good size. 6'2-170 (NS). Like his release. Can spin-it. 9'1(BJ). Verticaled 33.2. Needs to get overall stronger and add weight. Needs to not press himself. Potential to be one of my top QB's in the Class of 2016.
Gunner Hoak (2016) - Dublin Coffman. Continues to get better and better. Good high release. Solid arm. Smart. Good size 6'3.6/187 (NS). Like his throwing motion. One of my top QB's in the  Class of 2016.
Sam Stout (2016) - Southview. Liked his video. Need to see more. 6'1-197 (NS). Strong. Athletic. Needs to improve  overall speed and quickness. Like his passing tech. Needs reps and experience. Need to see more in camp. Like his potential.

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