Thursday, March 27, 2014

Offensive Linemen at the Combines

       A surprising number of big "OL/DL Guys" came to the combines this year. Juniors some  who have offers and some are working to get the first one. Sunday's combine had the most "Bigs," but there were some at the first two also. Heights/weights based on no shoes.

Bryce Gibbs (2015) - Wellington. Constantly improved since I first saw him last summer. 6'4- 300.  Ran    a solid 5.4/40. Verticaled 24.0. Changes direction well. Cannot carry anymore weight.  
DaVon Hamilton (2015) - Pickerington Central. Gone from just a big guy to a slimmed down 6'4-282. Powerballed 37'3. Still a work in progress. Ohio University offer.
Bryce Harris (2015) - Akron Firestone. Runs straight ahead well. Needs to work on lateral movement. Good explosion. 6'2-265. Broad jumped almost 8'0. PB-33'8. Athletic.
Jacob Zinni (2015) - West Branch. 6'4-312. Almost too heavy. Ran 4.9/pro shuttle. Ran well in the L-cone test. Powerful upper body. 35' PB. Tough-guy attitude.
Alec Curts (2015) - Mount Vernon. Measured 6'3-257. Ran 5.0/40. Pro shuttle - 4.8. L-cone 7.7. Runs really well. Athletic. Needs to keep adding weight/strength. A camp guy. One of the most impressive OL guys in the combine.
Shane Maxey (2015) - Central Crossing. Needs to continue to get stronger and bigger. 6'2-252. Ran 5.25/40. Ran 7.9/L-cone. Like his potential,
Daylen Neese (2015) - Meigs Local. First saw him at OHSAA State Wrestling Tournament. Athletic. Good balance. Ran 5.1/40. Measured 6'2-234. May be a "DL Guy." Needs to change direction.
Christian Eubanks (2015) - Reynoldsburg. Measured 6'3-272. Broad jumped 7'0. Athletic. Like his balance. Needs to get into camps. Like his potential.
Hunter Meece (2015) - Hamilton. 6'3-243. Athletic. Ran 4.9/pro shuttle. Verticaled 24.5. OB-35.4. Frame to add weight. Needs to get into camp. Like his potential. Natural center.
Antonio Shelton (2015) - Westerville North. Pleasant surprise. Measured 6'2-263. DL Guy. Ran 5.0/pro shuttle. Broad jumped almost 8 feet. Ran 5.3/40. PB -37'0. Really like his potential to play D-1.
JoVahn Fair (2105) - Akron Firestone.  Runs well. (5'1/40) Changes direction. (4.9/PS) Explosive. Needs to get into camps. Good upper body strength.
Tristan Roberts (2015) - Canton GlenOak. Needs to get into camp. Concerned about height, but is a center. Ran 5.0/PS. Like his toughness. Toughness biggest asset.
Evan Barker (2105) - Canton GlenOak. Like his size 6'4-287, but he really has to get in shape. Needs to improve agility. Needs to get stronger. Liked his potential, but he has work to do.
Clayton Schmerber (2015) - Centerville. Measured 6'6-213. Plays TE now. Put on 20 pounds. Ran 5.1/40. Excellent body control. Ran 7.6/L-cone. 4.4/pro shuttle. Could see him lining up at left tackle for D-1 school. Of course, needs to continue to add weight.
Chris Beech (2016) - Kettering Alter. Natural center. 6'1.6 -262(NS). Verticaled 28.0. Ran 4.8(PS). Liked his toughness last size. Needs to keep improving quickness. Like his potential.
Justin Rigg (2016) - Springboro. Measured 6'5.6-221(NS). Plays TE, but I hope he grows into an OL guy. 5.0/40. Ran 4.6/PS. Impressed me in L-cone 7.5. Needs to get stronger, but frame to get bigger/stronger. Excellent potential.
John Todd (2016) - Parma Senior. Actually watched him as a freshman. 6'2-265. Like his brute strength. Needs to work on agility. Needs to be faster and quicker. Believe he can do that. Competes hard.
Jacob Harrison (2016) - Clinton Massie. Like potential. 6'2-258. Good movement 4.9/PS. Needs to work on speed. Good upper body strength.
Justin Nelson (2016) - Big Walnut. Like his potential. Former skilled guy. Measured 6.3.6-267. Ran 5.0/PS. Power ball -35'+ (twice). Like DT, but could also see him on the OL. No varsity experience, but really like his attitude and potential.
Neal Davis (2016) - Teays Valley. Big strong OL/DL. Needs to work on straight ahead speed. Ran 5.0/PS. Potential is there, but must be top condition.
Lamont Ragland II (2105) Jefferson Township. Liked him last year. Plays DE, but would like to see him inside. 6'1-225(NS). Ran 5.0/40. Ran 4.5/PS. Power ball -34'7. Like his toughness. Excellent quickness. Potential is excellent.
Andrew Lynn (2105) - Milton Union. Need to see more. 6'2.6-234(NS). Ran 4.9/40. Excellent quickness -4.8/PS. 7.8- Lcone. Needs to get bigger/stronger.
Michael Miranda (2017) - Stow. Only a freshman, but see potential. 6'3-246. Ran 5.1(PS). Broad jumped 8'0. Ran 5.3/40.
      Really like the potential of these linemen. Hope that some of the abbreviations are understandable.

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