Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meet Kevin Ferguson and Joe Johnson

        In the fall, I see a lot of high school football games. I see players who have that something special. I call them my "OH MY! players. Two players that were "OH MY" guys tested at my combines. One in Dayton. One last week at the D-1 Sports Training facility. Both are in the Class of 2015 and both need to be in camps.
       Cincinnati LaSalle High School's Kevin Ferguson is a big time play maker from the slot position. Huge hands. Catches everything. Faster after the catch. Does not possess top speed yet, but is faster with a ball in his hands. At the combine, he verticaled 34.9. Ran 4.1/PS (twice). Broad jumped 9'6. Measured 5'9.6-193 (NS). Ran the fastest L-cone of all of the combines. 6.9. Tremendous burst. If you follow test results, he is impressive.
        Kevin is even better in pads. Like him in the slot. Catches the ball on the run. May move to corner this fall. Regardless of which side of the ball he plays, he will be special. Came to my Underclassman Showcase last summer. Not only he is a really good football player, but an even better young man.
        Do not know Joe Johnson very well. Sometimes he goes by Eric. What I do know is that he is a very talented junior at Pickerington Central High School. His test results are not going to "wow" you. But when he has a football uniform on, he can. Measure just over 5'9 (NS). Best time was 4.7/40. Ran 4.6/PS.  Best L-C was 7.6. It is March, but Joe needs to work hard getting in better condition.
         Faster with pads on. Last fall against Centerville, watched him run a player down and tackle him on the 3 yard line. Joe has it, he just has to be totally in. He needs to get in better condition and play hard every play. Needs to stay focused. Either at WR or DB, he makes plays. Needs to want to work hard to be the best.
        A good college football coach needs to take time to the total package that a college prospect. They need to be able to that extra something. Both Kevin and Joe have that extra something. Both could be special recruits.

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