Sunday, March 9, 2014

MSROHIO Developmental Combines - 2014

       Next Saturday, will be our first combine this spring. I am always experimenting with my combine schedule, and this year is no different. We are holding two at the D-1 Training Center on SR 23 north of Columbus. One on Saturday, March 15 and one on Sunday, March 23. Southwest Ohio has always been good to me, so I scheduled one on Sunday, March 16 at the Kingdom Sports Center near Franklin. But I really want to speak to McCallister's reason for combines.
      Last week I received an email from a parent whose son put up some good numbers at the Nike combine in Massillon, and he wondered if coming to my MSROHIO Developmental to better his scores was worth it. Also wanted to know if a participant could have his scores erased if they were not good.
      No, coming to my combine just to better his scores was not worth it. Yes, a participant does not have to record his scores, if he choses not to. To better one's scores is not the purpose of my combine. I returned an email stating that it was not worth it.
      I began the idea of holding combines probably five or six years at the Ohio State Football Camp. A lazy GA was timing the Pro Shuttle and most campers had little clue as to how to do the test. Not once did this GA take a minute to give some pointers. Of course, I tried to help the embarrassed ones who screwed up. This same GA is now a head football coach on the college level. What do I know???
      I have no ego when it comes to marketing the MSROHIO Developmental Combine. I am just a "mom and pops" organization. The purpose of the combine is 1) Learn 2) Compete 3) Get Better and 4) Get on my radar.
         Learn - Because college summer camps use all of the test that we do, learning how to do each test is important. Learning how to start in the 40 is important.  Sometimes they time certain test and sometimes they use some of the tests as agility football drills. But there is always somebody watching a camper do the drill. With some of our tests, if we have extra time, we may do the test 3 or 4 times. Learning is the important thing.
        Compete - Everybody should love to compete. Compete against himself, as well as compete against other campers. I learn a lot about a camper when he competes. With the way, I run my combines, campers get to meet other recruits and make new friends. Plus, all of the time, they are competing to get better.
         Get Better - The goal of every camper is to get better. By June, they want to be able to really test well. Testing well draws attention. Honestly, I really like having underclassmen attending my combines. Learn at early age. Compete against better players. Continue to get better. Doing drills over and over, becomes a habit. When I have freshman and sophomores testing, I know that they should continue to get better and better.
         My radar - Not a selfish reason. With so much noise out there, tests and measurements are often exaggerated. Now I see them and know each one's results. I do not need the high profile recruit with a bunch of offers. Meeting them is nice, but I need to see the recruits who are D-1 guys, but have not received the recognition yet. If a player does well, I will get him on my website. Plus, I will tell the college coaches.
           I have good people running my combines. Because it is Nike, does not mean their people are any better than mine. Nike does a nice job, NUC is another story. I do not advertise that recruiting reporters will be in attendance, because they are not.
          Looking forward to next Saturday. A big OL guy from Watkins Memorial came to our combine a few years. Will be a starting offensive linemen at Kent State this fall. "Big is not always better." Getting better is the key. You will do that at an MSROHIO Developmental Combine.

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