Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Few Coaching Friends on the Move

       Just got off the phone with the new defensive coordinator at the University of Toledo, Jon Heacock. I known Jon for years, and they do not come any better. He spent last season at Purdue as the defensive back, but before that he was the DC at Kent State. I am excited for both his family and him. He brings intelligence, excellent communication skills, and energy to an already very solid University of Toledo coaching staff.
       I commented on Facebook about the Mike Vrabel move to the NFL. I have known Vrabel since he was a DE/TE at Walsh Jesuit High School, near Stow. One thing , he never lacked or lacks for self-confidence. But he worked hard as a coach, and communicated to his players.
      Another coach and a very good friend of mine is leaving the Ohio high school scene and taking his coaching talents to Springfield, Missouri. Kenton head coach Mike Mauk is retiring after 35 years in Ohio public schools. I really will say too much about Coach Mauk, other than I respect him very much. I do believe that he is one of those coaches that you just have to know. If you judge him on what you see, you are probably wrong. One of the most intense, hard working coaches that I know. Like anyone, Coach Mauk has his faults, but the good qualities far outweigh the bad ones. I am also losing one of the best QB instructors around, in his son Ben. The very best to my good friend, Mike Mauk, to his wife, Gwen, and Ben.
      For the last five years, I use almost Pilot gas. The owner of the Cleveland Browns owns the Pilot franchise. I wish I could listen to him in a small group conversation sometime. Is he as silly as I think that he is.
     I do not know the former offensive coordinator at Michigan very well. The only time that he really talked to me was when they were recruiting Maty Mauk to come to Michigan. Then he called me into his office and talked for almost 15 minutes about recruiting Maty. After spending over 25 years in this business, I understand the recruiting game. I do know Brady Hoke well, and I am sure it was tough on him. Former UC head coach, Rick Minter once told me something that I have never forgotten. "Never hire your friends, because it is too hard to fire them."
      Ohio State kind of surprised me, because I thought more assistant football coaches might be leaving O-State. No facts here; Just a feeling that more would be leaving. That speaks well for the Buckeye program.
       Maybe I should become a head football coach on the high school level again. No want wants to see the "I" formation and split back veer attack. No one wants to see the TE run the seam and drag over and over. No one wants to see the fullback dive. No one wants to see the 4-4 defense. No wants to see the "Buddy Ryan Bear defense. No want wants to see "no hair coming out from under the helmet. No one wants to see the lower programs get every player in the game. I guess I will stay retired.
      Finally, the Ohio Prospects Super Directory goes to the printers this Monday 876 players in Classes 2015, 2016, and 2017. The largest one that I have ever done. The Ohio Prospects Directory will be done at the end of the week. This has been the back-bone of the McCallister Scouting Report for over 25 years, but times are changing. Not a subject yet.

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