Saturday, February 1, 2014

Another Trip to Keystone

        Last night I took in the varsity basketball game between host Keystone versus Wellington. Really wanted to watch CJ Conrad from Keystone and Bryce Gibbs from Wellington. Both juniors, both coming from smaller football programs, but both are D-1 college football prospects. I have seen both before, so I knew what I was looking for last night. Right now, CJ is just little ahead of Bryce.
        Almost a year ago to the date, I watched CJ play basketball. Liked his potential, if he worked hard to bigger and stronger. He has worked hard. Listed 6'5-225, he has amazing burst getting up and down the floor. In fact, he had a 'dunk,"but was called for a "T" for hanging on the rim. Almost a "tom-a-hawk." Has really improved change of direction. On the football, he catches everything. Also has the same ability to climb to get the high passes. Should be TE, with ability to move out to slot. Reminds me a lot of Michigan's Jake Butt, who prepped at Pickerington North. Has some offers and I think Indiana may be one. Needs to add some weight, but should be able to do that.
     Wellington's Bryce Gibbs did not see much action, but I really liked what I saw. Good frame and carries his weight well. Listed 6'5-285 and needs to improve overall speed. Showed excellent character last night, in that, even though he did not play much, he encouraged his teammates and is a team player. No pouting! Like his blocking skills on his recent highlight video. Good bender. If such a thing, Bryce is almost too nice. Coming to one of my combines in March. After that I will be able to tell more about his effort. Needs to get in front of college coaches this summer. Like his scholarship potential, but he may have to "bite" some this summer.
      Neither CJ nor Bryce  are going to have Coach Thad Matta visiting anytime soon. But I learned some things last night about both prospects. CJ is a team player and a solid leader. Hustles and can really explode. Bryce is more reserved. Like his frame and his footwork for a big OL guy. As with CJ, a lot of good character genes.
       No basketball games tonight. Going to D-1. Next Tuesday, I am traveling a long way to see a big OL guy prospect who is in the Class of 2016.

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