Monday, January 6, 2014

Evaluating Highlight Videos

       With the emergence of HUDL, video is so readily available that it is almost silly. I mean good video, much, much different than the old days with my video business. Oh my! Of course, I can you back to Super Eight video. I was weaned on 16 mm video. Times have changed. Just want to take a minute to comment on video.
      Yesterday, I watched three videos on three very good prospects in the Ohio Class of 2015. Andrew Dowell and David Dowell, both of Lakewood St Edward, and Kraig Howe of Kettering Alter look good on video. Andrew is a running back, David - a WR/DB, and Kraig - a defensive tackle. All three should be in the Ohio Top 25 in the 2015 Class.
      My point - Many parents and coaches send me HUDL video to give them a quick evaluation on their college prospect. A highlight video better be just that. A highlight video. Do not put bad plays on the video. But you are asking for my opinion, do not forget.
      But only so much can be seen on a highlight video. Actually some people "speed up" the video to make players look faster. A burst can be seen. Bending can be seen. Explosion can be seen. Athleticism can be seen. Technique can be seen. Overall attitude and effort can not be seen. Leadership can not be seen. Every play in one game cannot be seen. Level of competition cannot always be seen.
      I really enjoy watching a video. Parents, and sometimes coaches, ask me what level that I think that a prospect can play. Just watching a video, for me that is a hard call. Of course, if he is a no-brainer, the answer is easy. But, more often than not, there is so much more for me. Would like to see him compete in a camp. Would like to talk with him. (And not about what schools he likes). Most of all, really need to see him play with the pads on. Until all of this happens, telling a parent what level a player can play is really tough.
      College coaches can make an "offer," no problem. They make way too many bogus offers. I want to be as honest as I can be. Brutally honest sometimes. But it is not fair to anyone to "blow smoke " up somebody's nose. I tell what I think. OSU recruit Erik Smith out of Glenville is the best recruit in Ohio. I told people that last year and they smiled. Last year, Pickerington North's Jake Butt was the top TE prospect in Ohio. One school was concerned about his shoulders. Are you kiddin me? Two years ago, I had concerns about a RB in Ohio. Shut down in the fourth quarter.
       College coaches have to recruit Midwest college prospects off of video and summer camps. In the South, there is high school spring football. Big advantage if coaches can recruit prospects by watching spring practice. No, that will never happen in Ohio.
       Making time to watch video is tough sometimes, but I enjoy watching highlight video. I get a feel for a player's ability on the football field. But a highlight video is usually 30 plays. Which is good for me. As I have said, there is so much more that goes into an evaluation.
       I will help all that I can to make a high school football player better. But "do you want me to tell you what you want to hear, tell you what I think?" Stay warm.

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