Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Olentangy Liberty Football Players.

       Last Saturday I made the trip to Olentangy Liberty High School to watch a basketball game between Liberty and New Albany. I did not do my home and missed the chance to watch Drew Rosi (2017) and A J Arcuri (2016) run the court in the junior varsity game. But I did watch a lot of Brendon White (2017) play in the varsity game. All three play for Liberty High School. Also watched Jalen Ward (2015) DB from New Albany.
       Drew Rosi is a freshman TE/Slot receiver who played a lot in the varsity football game that I saw. Guessin 6'3-200, but he moves well for his size. A J Arcuri, guessin 6'5-225, plays TE for the varsity and I liked him last fall. Met him at the game and really like his long, broad frame. Could see him as an OL guy down the road. Solid feet. Long arms.
        Took me two quarters to realize that I was also watching WR/DB Jalen Ward run the court. Guessin 6'0-175. Against Mansfield Senior last fall, I thought that he played well against a very good receiver. Like his toughness, as well as quickness. I believe that he is only a sophomore, but Joey Rolwing looked okay on the basketball court, but really like his potential as a kicker.
        Honestly, the player who I most wanted to see was freshman Brendon White from Liberty HS. Last fall, I was amazed at his "Free Safety presence" on the football field. Played FS and roamed side-to-sideline. On one play, he pursued all of the way across the field to make the tackle. Backpedals and can turn his hips. Also a solid run stopper. Listed 6'1-170. Really needs to improve his 40 time, but he will - big time. Actually, should be playing eighth grade sports, so he will get faster and stronger
        Brendon missed the game the night before, because of the flu. He was not full strength Saturday, but played a solid game. I also like the fact that he plays within the system. No individualism. Can shoot the three. No chest pumping. Hopefully, his father, William White, will influence his game manners. William from Lima, Ohio, played for Ohio State University and the Detroit Lions. Back to Brendon.
        This freshman did not make the silly Max Preps freshman All-American team. Of course, he will survive not making the team. If he keeps working hard and stays focused over the next three years, he will be a highly recruited football player. Does not rip his helmet off coming to the sidelines. No swagger on the field. Runs on and off the field. Best of all, he understands the game and makes plays. He stays focused.
       Although I have list of just over 73 players in the Ohio Class of 2017 for the colleges, I do not like to make too much of a freshman. Sometimes, however, a freshman deserves some recognition. Maybe not to the extent of listing a Max Preps freshman All-American team, but they need some recognition. I know how much work it takes for me to evaluate prospects. I cannot imagine how much time it takes to evaluate freshmen players throughout the country for each position.
       The trip was good. A bonus was to watch OL Hunter Littlejohn (2015) win a ribs eating contest at halftime. If continues to work hard and stay focused, Hunter will be one of my top 6 OL guys in the Ohio Class of 2015.
        Thanks for all of the help, Coach Steve Hale.

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