Sunday, January 12, 2014

Basketball, Football, and a Wrestling Tournament in 24 Hours

       Friday night and Saturday were profitable times for watching, meeting, and evaluating some college football prospects. Friday night, I traveled to Akron St V's/St Mary's High School to watch Athens High School play St V's. Saturday, began the day watching quarterbacks work out under the direction of Ben Mauk. Over lunch watched some of the Marion Wrestling tournament. Saturday night watched Olentangy Liberty play New Albany. Finished the evening at the D-1 Training Center with Chuck Gresham. Good time.
      At the Athens - St V's game, first had a chance to talk with Parris Campbell for a few minutes. He is getting bigger and stronger. Told me that Urban Meyer told him that he would be used much the same way as Percy Haven was used at Florida. I told him that I hoped is character is not the same as Harvin's. So impressed with Parris, because he is playing varsity basketball, but does not get to play very much.
       On the St 's junior varsity three sophomores did well, but they are also really good football players. DB Tyrece Speaight, listed 5'11-175, is an excellent football player. Runs well, excellent quickness, and competes. Had an interception his freshman year in the State Championship game. WR/RB Markus Hurd played well on the court, but has unlimited potential as a football player. Zach Corrigall, listed 6'4-225 moves really well, but is growing into a really good offensive line prospect. Really like his competitive attitude.
       Athens QB Joey Burrow plays basketball, as well as he does football. As I have said before, he is my top QB in the Ohio 2015 Class. St V's had speed and quickness and more speed and quickness. Sometimes that is tough for an outside shooter. Competes hard and plays smart. Liked his leadership last night. The Luerhrman twins, Adam and Ryan, are both 6'4 and aggressive. Both play football and are athletic. For some reason, I can never get much information on them.

       Ben Mauk lead Kenton High School to two Sate Championships about ten years ago. Went on to an injury plagued career at Wake Forest. Played his last year as a college quarterback at the University of Cincinnati under Brian Kelly. He has taken his QB abilities and put them to use as a coach. Ben tutors QB's all year long.
       Gunner Hoak, a sophomore QB from Dublin Coffman, was working out. I have watched him for two years, and he continues to get bigger and stronger. A solid 6'3, I really like his potential, and he is is a young sophomore.  First time that I really had a chance to watch Tiffin Calvert's Tyler Long. A member of the 2015 Class, Tyler is getting taller and much stronger. Really like the way he spins it. He  needs to learn to relax as a passer. First time that I have watched a QB Derek Runyon from Hopewell-Loudon High School. Strong arm and throws on the run well. But Todd  is 5'11 and will to get a little taller. Also had a chance to watch Findlay High School QB Brandon Mehl. Surprised me some with his ball speed. Guessin  at least 6'3 and maybe taller.
       Ben Mauk works my underclassmen camp in June. Besides throwing, throwing, and throwing, he spends a lot of time on footwork. He communicates well and gives his QB's a lot of little coaching points.

      I will be the first to tell you that I am not a huge wrestling fan. Like the sport, but I have to wait until about the 170 Class, before I see football players wrestle. Of course, wrestling tells me lot about football players. The main reason that I made the trip was to visit my old DC, Joe Wyant. Joe is the wrestling coach at Eastwood High School.
      Watched a heavyweight from Willoughby South HS. Thought that I heard the name Nick Urban. Nick is also a very good offensive linemen at South. For me, he could be one of the very top OL guys in the Ohio Class of 2016. Big, strong, athletic, and tough. Saw him play last year.
Also watched a heavyweight from Reynoldsburg HS. Think his name is Christian Eubanks, a 6'3-255 OL guy.  Checked him out on CapCity Preps. Looked good on video, but need to see more.
        Nick Urban will be a top five OL/DL prospect in the Ohio Class of 2016. Need to see more on more on Christian, but looks good.
       Somebody is always watching. If you are good enough, someone will find you. Even if it is by accident at a wrestling tournament.

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