Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MSROHIO Developmental Combines - 2014

       The advertising fliers  about the MSROHIO Developmental Combines are in the process of being printed as we speak. Due to the confusion of the QB/REC Camp that I planned to do in December, I wanted to wait to be sure everybody understood the times, locations, and dates.
       MSR is experimenting with some different changes with our combines in March.
       MSR will no longer use the Superkick facility at Orange Point. This facility is a tremendous place to run combines or camps. The direct contact people are excellent to work with. For lack of a better reason, we just out grew the place last year, because 254 players went through the combine. Ownership decided that was too many participants. MSR was told to limit the participants to 150. In March, we will be using the D-1 Training Center, just north of Columbus.
       To keep a more central location, two combines will be held at the D-1 Training Center north of Columbus. The first one will be held on Saturday, March 15. The second combine will be held on Sunday, March 23. So often, parents or athletes have activities on weekends. Also, some people who have to drive a distance, do not want miss church. Some athletes may have another sport going on. Some could be making a college visit. Both combines will be run the same way. I just want to make every effort to help players get better and having one on two weekends is an effort to do that.
       Because, the Dayton - Cincinnati area has always been good to MSR, we will hold a combine at the Kingdom Athletic Center near Franklin, Ohio on Interstate 75. This combine will be on Sunday, March 16. The Dayton - Cincinnati area coaches really encourage their football players to attend and some work the combine.
       I like to run my combines as late in March as possible. Wrestling season is over. The regular season and the District tournament in basketball is over. Football players have been through at least two months of training. The regular season in track and baseball has not started. Although it is a learning experience, I like to have the players in reasonably good shape.
       I have been to combines where the 40yds was really 37 yds. Where players did not have to touch the lines. Where there were no lines in some test. The MSROHIO combines are not like that. We do give a participant an extra chance, if he messes up badly. We do explain the test. Our heights and weights are correct.
      Sometimes I read about all of the college coaches that attend other combines. First, NO D-1 coaches can attend these combines. Not for sure about D-2 coaches, because they have some limitations. D-3 colleges can attend. I realize that some combines advertise college coaches in attendance and they are correct. But NO D-1 coaches can attend.
      Small and large combines often advertise that 24/7, Scout.com, Rivals.com, and other recruiting sites will be in attendance. That is fine for them. At my combines, I want my prospects concentrating on the test. I want parents focused on the testing. I do not need recruiting reporters talking with the prospects during testing. Those reporters write stories on college prospects and many opportunities to do report about them.
      The true value of a combine is to learn the different tests that a prospect will be asked to do at every college camp this summer. Do not forget the combines are in March, so prospects should not expect to be at the top of his conditioning. Take your time to learn the test. June is when prospects have to impress the college coaches, not in March.

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