Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dowdy, Hamilton, and Dailey at D-1 Athletic Training Center

        Last Saturday night, after watching some hoops at Olentangy Liberty, we stopped by the D-1 Athletic Training Center just north of Columbus. Chuck Gresham directs a two hour football workout from 8:00 to 10:00 every Saturday night. Chuck is one of my main guys and works my combines and football camps. Needless to say, he is an excellent instructor.
       Three D-I college linemen prospects, all from central Ohio were working out. Rob Dowdy from Westerville South, Devon Hamilton, from Pickerington Central, and Lawrence Dailey from Columbus Eastmoor were getting better through hard work. All three are juniors.
       Rob Dowdy is listed 6'5-290 and has improved every time I watch him. From his first scrimmage to the last game last fall, he just got better. Better feet, better effort, and most of all, better toughness. Ideal frame for a left tackle. Long arms. The other night, I could see his feet have improved. Becoming a better bender. The most important thing Rob has to do is blot out all of the "noise." Listen to his coaches and continue to work harder. Should be a top six OL Guy for me.
      Last season Devon Hamilton was too heavy and not in really good condition. Guessin 6'4-275. Played a little defense, but spent most of his time on the offensive line. He has trimmed his weight down and at the same time has his core strength. Really liked his footwork the other night. Ran hard and really worked hard in the conditioning drills and footwork drills. Devon will surprise college coaches this summer. A trimmer, quicker, and stronger lineman. Like his toughness. Could be a top six OL Guy for me, but will be an offer guy.
        Surprised to see Lawrence Dailey in attendance. Guessin 6'4-235. A projected defensive end. Really athletic. Excellent burst off the edge. Saw him last fall and he was a little undisciplined at times. Watching him the other night, he was focused and listened when suggestions were made. Like most young players, he needs to be better at changing direction, but that will come. Really athletic. Most of all, he was intense. Needs to get into some summer camps to show his ability to the college coaches. If he keeps working hard and staying focused, he will impress the decision makers.
        Always fun to see my good friend Chuck Gresham. Always fun to see football players working to get better. The workout is open to anyone. The price is reasonable.  You  meet new players and work against some good competition. But the best is that you have the opportunity to get better.

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