Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I See as Many Games as I can.

       One of the biggest reasons college coaches actually listen to what I say and read what I write is because I see many of the college prospects in Ohio. Either in camps or 7on7 games in the summer. During the off season in basketball, wrestling, and track. Sometimes just a meeting at their high schools. My point is going to be an excuse for not writing a blog every day. As I have said before, blogs are fun- evaluations are money.
      After seeing 24 teams during the scrimmage period and 20 teams during the first week of the season at the Cincinnati Crosstown Showdown, I have completed my first reports to the colleges. That takes a lot of effort. Now, I am not patting myself on the back, or trying to win an award, but it is what it is. College coaches need to see information. Comments take time.
      Thursday, I will be watching the Canton Glen Oak - Massillon Washington game. I try to make it to that game every year. Excellent programs, excellent coaches, and excellent prospects. On Friday, I will be at the Glenville - Solon game. Much the same as the Thursday night game. On Saturday, Cleveland JFK plays at Shaker Heights at and Youngstown Ursuline is at Mentor Lake Catholic.
      Since it is virtually impossible to see every prospect play in a game, I try to get to some practices. I do not like to do that, because I think it is a disruption. But some high school coaches do not mind.
      One of the ways to get recruiting fans to a recruiting site is to rank or rate prospects. Please do not get caught up in these rating strategies. Although the "five star system" is nation wide and used by many sports people, do not take it seriously. Have fun with it. The only time I deal with ratings is when I give information to the college coaches. That is done to give the recruiter an idea of what level that I think a recruit can play.
       Please do not get caught up in recruits visiting a college football game on Saturday. Almost any high school player can get an invitation to a game. Whether it be Michigan, O-State, Alabama, BGSU, or a Division 2 level school. If high rated recruits are playing on Saturday, tickets will be more available. If it is a high profile college game, recruit tickets will be harder to get. Years ago, I would take my sons to games and they would count as a recruit. Both played high school football, but I promise you that they were not D-1 prospects. I will say that if a recruit gets a chance to go to a game-- for heavens sake -GO.
       One other piece od advice concerns high-light video. Most schools are using Hudl. If they are not, they probably should. A recruit should start keeping a record of his best plays. Honestly, I would start doing this, regardless of what year that he is in school.
        My wish is that every high school player has fun playing the game. Do not get caught up in the recruiting "noise." Hard not to, but focus on the season ahead.

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