Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Highlight Videos - A Good Tool for Me

       Highlight video emails are starting hit my desk.Those are fun to watch and I learn a lot about potential recruits. Still seeing the prospects in person at games, scrimmages, camps, or combines is still the best for me. Of course, when I can do both, all the better.
       One of my scrimmages I watched was Dover at Midview. Two reasons. One, I wanted to reaffirm that Cody Calloway can play quarterback at Bowling Green. Have always liked Cody's ability to "spin-it." His arm is stronger, and his overall size and strength have improved. Good speed and moves around well in the pocket. Really needs to quit pressing and quit trying to make the big play. Yes, he can play at BGSU.
       The other player who I really wanted to see in that scrimmage was Dover's Cory Contini (2015). Listed 6'-170, but looks bigger. Plays wide receiver, but has also taken some snaps at QB. Lines up as an inside DB at times. Best position is WR or SLOT. Really athletic. Deceptive speed. Ability to separate from defender. Excellent burst. Ball catching skills are his strength. He attended my combine last winter. Love the way the competes. Like his early highlight video plays. Good prospect.
       Two sophomores have recently emailed me some video. Both came to my Underclassman Combine as eighth graders. (They had my permission). WR Tyler Traylor (2016), listed 6'2-175 catches the ball really well. Good concentration. Finds the open area and sits down. Like the way he blocked on film. Keeps his feet. Stays with block. QB Jake Harrison (2016) continues to impress me with his maturity and decision making. Strong arm. Quick release. Throws better when moving out of the pocket. Needs to grow just a little, but should be fine. Both young men play for Dayton Chaminade-Julienne. Will see them in a few weeks.
       A MSROHIO combine guy  who has emailed me video is OL/DL Clayton Seymour from Teays Valley High School in Central Ohio. Listed 6'4-255. Weight gain has been really good in the off season. Runs really well. Stays with blocks. Good balance. Good first step. Playing more offense now, but solid DL guy. Really athletic. Needs to play lower and be a better bender. Needs to get his video out there.
       Video does not lie, but watching a prospect in person is the best. You see attitude, aggressiveness, and discipline. Every coach lets me on the sidelines, which is huge. Huge because you see the prospects up close. Whenever I get video, I do watch it. If you want to send or email it, I promise I will watch it.

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