Friday, August 30, 2013

Middletown Football

       Earlier today I stopped by Middletown High School to visit with head football coach Troy Everhart. We have been friends for a long time, and at one time were friendly competitors in the scouting business. Coach worked for the Forbes Report. My purpose was to congratulate him on his team's play against Cincinnati Elder last night.
      During lunch I met junior EJ Colson who had a 99 yard kickoff return last night. The first this year that I have seen someone with "jets." Once he got to the sideline, he shifted into fifth gear. Fast. Right now EJ is playing mostly defense. Needs to really focus on assignments on the offensive side of the ball. EJ is considered small. (by unintelligent football people). My argument is that he is not small, but short. Listed 5'8- 170, the guy is put together.
     Especially in the South, almost every team has that short RB, who is also compact, strong, and fast.  There is a place for those guys. Kickoff and punt return teams feature them all of the time. Running a KO back 99 yards is s good example.
     Players like EJ Colson need to get in the backfield and on special teams. The adjectives - short and small mean different things. Now if a player were listed 5'8-150, the story might be different.
     Also spoke with sophomore QB Allante Simmons who directed the option offense last night. Listed 5'10-178, but he, too, is compact, but can run. The offense fits his abilities. Once he settles in, he will be one to watch over the next three years.
      The one player who is not short is junior RB Y'vonte Glover. Listed 6'0-233, he is powerful and moves well for a big back. Still learning the running back position, but should be highly recruited this winter. First saw him in track last spring. The dreadlocks threw me off alittle, being the old school guy that I am. Great attitude. Works hard in weight room.
       TE Chance Sorrell is heading to Vanderbilt. Listed 6'6-258, Chance will be a fine offensive lineman for Vandy. Good athletic skills, but just too stiff to be a really good tight end prospect. To a certain extent, Chance's story is sad. He just turned 17 this month. If he were entering his junior year, rather than his senior year, he would be a top O-line recruit. But that is not going to happen. He should have a nice career at Vanderbilt.
         Realizing that Middletown is a young team, Coach Everhart showed the patience of a veteran coach. Now if the Middies were senior dominated - different story. Always amazes me when a veteran head football coach jumps all over a sophomore starter, especially if he a quarterback.
         When I visit with a coach, I always learn alot about football and news away from football. Meeting and chatting with players is the most important thing. Forty minutes with Head Coach Troy Everhart was time well spent. Remember the differance between short and small!!!!!

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